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Smartling is an Artificial Intelligence supported translation software that can be used by clients to get fast and accurate translation using various algorithms. Its Features:

  • Automated Translation
  • Language-Based Domains
  • Computer-Assisted Translation
  • Client Management
  • Quality Assurance


Smartling is a Software-as-a-Services that provides Cloud-Based translation and languages services. It provides varieties of translation services to clients from automatic machine translation to machine and professional translation services. Smartling was founded in 2009 by Jack Welde and Andrey Akselrod in New York City, United States. It is trusted by companies like Allstate, Data-bricks, Blue Apron, Samsung, Walgreens, Affirm, 1Password, etc.


Neural Machine Translation:

Neural Machine Translation is also a type of machine translation that can use machine translation to translate one language into another. It can be automated to provide translated content to clients through the NMT algorithm. Clients can add proxy servers to Smartling Neural Machine translation with APIs and integrate it in their CRM, CMSand other software required for translation services, clients can automate and create dynamic workflows allowing for automation of translation services required by clients. .



Business can use NMT to handle their translation needs from simple Machine Translation, to hybrid Machine and human Translation and human specialist translation from a single dashboard. Clients can train a custom Machine Translation engine with their companies Glossaries allowing the translation algorithm to develop its own memory, it can increase quality of translation as time passes as the Neural Machine Translation algorithm will become more proficient in translation increasing the consistent Brand.  


Translation Services:

Smartling offers clients a variety of translation services tailored to their specific requirements. Within these services, various translation methods are available for clients to choose from. One option is machine translation services, which employ machine translation technology to swiftly generate translated documents or text for clients, enabling them to promptly receive their translated content.

Users can automate the translation work of some services like customer care or any other department that work directly with customers can use machine translation services of Smartling to automatically translate the words of customer allowing them to reply to customer even if customers are talking in different language. 

Clients can utilize Smartling to perform hybrid translations that offer both speed and reliability superior to machine translation. In hybrid translation, the process begins with machine translation software translating the data. Subsequently, the processed data is dispatched to native linguists. These linguists review the processed data to identify and rectify any translation errors they come across. They also include some native language slang used in appropriate places.

Special translation constitutes a component of hybrid translation that clients can utilize to obtain enhanced services compared to regular hybrid translation. In special translation, once the data undergoes machine translation, it is forwarded to a specialist linguist. This linguist assists clients in refining the data with professional terminology in local languages. This, in turn, enables clients to achieve improved market responses. They keep the emotion and wording of documents the same but change them into native language and slang.

Smartling can also help clients to translate webinars, tutorials, interviews, product overviews, testimonials, video advertisements and promotions,and entertainment content allowing them to complete their translation needs in a single dashboard.


Translation Management:

Smartling translation management software allows clients to automate their translation allowing them to increase their productivity and spend less time translating data. Its Artificial intelligence platform allows clients to configure automation and to translate content into exactly what they want. They can also observe the translation of content directly from the dashboard and track the progress of translation work. Automating the translation workflow enables clients to streamline their translation tasks with predefined quality and cost parameters. Additionally, it notifies the clients upon task completion, keeping them up to date.




  1. It provides teaching and training guidelines.


  1. Its dashboard takes time to master.



Smartling allows clients to automate the translation work of clients allowing them to maintain better workflow while increasing their efficiency and production. It also supports translation of videos, webinars, etc. It can be used by any kind of business that requires translation work.