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Sprinklr Social

It is a Contact Center as a Service (CCaas) that provides clients with a single customer support center allowing teams to detect customer complaints across social media apps. Its features are:

  • Social Publishing & Engagement
  • Conversational Commerce
  • Guided Workflows
  • Automated Quality Audits
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Sprinklr Social is a Social media Management software that can be used by clients to manage their social media accounts. It empowers them to enhance their services to customers, resulting in heightened conversions and increased revenue. Ragy Thomas founded it in 2009 in New York City. Companies such as Sonos, HP, Marriott International, SAP, COMCAST, Honda, and more utilize it.


Social Publishing & Engagement:

Social media is becoming increasingly important as time goes by to attract and maintain customers for any brand, it allows brands to target their categories of customers from a vast social media network. To bring more customers towards their brand companies have increased their social media presence allowing them to attract more customers toward themselves it is more popular for new brands as customers don’t have awareness of new brands. Sprinklr Artificial intelligence software allows clients to automate their social media accounts with pre-set conditions allowing them to give better experiences to their customers which can increase their customers stickiness to their brands giving them more conversion and increasing their brand awareness. Clients can create personalized experiences for their customers without sacrificing compliance.



Clients can utilize Sprinklr Social to actively engage their customers across different social media platforms or applications, thereby providing customers with a deeper understanding of the clients’ brands. By combining Sprinklr Social and marketing efforts, clients can craft targeted messaging that resonates with specific audience segments. This strategy has the potential to enhance brand awareness and drive customer conversions. Clients can effectively manage and access their digital assets from a single dashboard.    



Brand Image:

Sprinklr Social comes with features that allow clients to collect their customs reviews about their products. Clients can use the collected reviews by posting them on various social media sites allowing other users to see the published review which can increase their confidence in the brand allowing the brand to have more customers who write more reviews establishing a positive cycle. Its omnichannel engagement can be used by clients to have better digital presences on all social media platforms allowing clients to better manage their social media accounts. Clients can better control their brand image for customers by uploading the user generated content into clients’ various social media accounts allowing them to have concentrate brand image in the mind of customers.       


Ratings & Reviews:

Customers trust a brand more if they have high quality reviews for their products. It is much easier for customers to buy the product if it has many high quality review for other customers as they believe in other customers words more than the words said by brand representative as they think that brand may try to boast about their products and it may not be good as they say which has resulted in customers paying more attention to products reviews than other things. Clients can employ the Sprinklr Social ratings and reviews system to request customers who have purchased various products to share their reviews. This practice enables other customers to access their opinions about the products.



Customers with negative reviews often expect brands to reply to their reviews, answer their questions and solve their problems allowing better experiences for their online shopping. Sprinklr Social offers a unified customer experiences management system. It allows clients to oversee all their customers’ experiences via a single dashboard. This empowers clients to gain insights into how customers perceive their brand. Also to manage these experiences conveniently from a centralized interface.


Customer Experience Management System:

Clients can utilize this unified customer experience management system. It helps to monitor all types of reviews and ratings provided by customers across different platforms. It enables them to identify negative comments on social media websites and respond to customers promptly, effectively addressing various issues. By doing so, clients can mitigate the occurrence of negative ratings and reviews, fostering increased brand loyalty among customers.



Clients can employ a unified customer experience management system to capture and manage diverse review and rating information. The system’s automated review workflow facilitates the organization of reviews requiring action and their distribution to appropriate team members. This enables clients’ team members to effectively handle reviews, attend to customer needs, and concurrently enhance brand awareness.


Distributed Marketing Platform:

Sprinklr Distributed can be used by clients to manage their marketing teams. Whether they are concentrated or Distributed various places according to local conditions. Clients can add templates, suggested campaigns, and other things required by various agents to better promote the client’s brand with uniform Brand images. By providing various functions to local agents, allowing them to use sprinklr social can help clients to monitor various local agents and respond in time if there’s any emergencies.      



Shared templates and automated task flows allows agents to quickly plane and execute various campaigns.  It allows brands to have better local penetrability. Agents can use various social media websites to allow them to have better ability to hit their monthly quotes. 



  1. It helps clients to know WHO are their customers and what they like on different social media websites.


  1. There is a learning curve to master Sprinklr Social.



Clients can utilize Sprinklr Social, a Social Media Management software. To enhance their social media presence and gather reviews and ratings from diverse customers for their products. Brands aiming to amplify their social media presence can employ this software to effectively manage customer reviews and ratings.



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