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Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale helps retailers sell products both online and in-store. Some of its feature are:-

  • Credit Card Payments
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Price Adjustments
  • Receipts
  • Hardware Integration


Square Point of Sale is a sales system designed by Jack Dorsey; it was launched in 2009. It is a San Francisco, United State based company .


Square Online:

Square Point of Sales allows clients to sync their online store and offline store together allowing them to manage their stores. It lets customers create their own account in Square online allowing customers to make orders, track orders, order payments etc can be done by customers from their accounts. Clients can make personalized recommendations for customers by taking records of old purchases to better sell their products. Its mobile app-like website customers can use their mobile phone browsers to shop and scroll the online store and order products from their mobile phone allowing clients business to increase growth rate.

Clients can schedule events, discounts, flash sales etc from square dashboard. They can also show top sellers, new products or recommended items in eye-catching places in online stores in a personalized way allowing the customers to see the products they like even in various events and sales activities. 

Square Dashboard has the function calculating the real time rate for shipping companies allowing clients to pay the least amount and make shipping labels from square dashboard. It provides many options for shipping like customers from the same city as offline stores can pick their orders directly from the store allowing clients and customers to save shipping fee. Or the clients can also hire third party couriers or use their own employees to send couriers for customers who are from nearby.


Point of Sales System:

Clients can use the Square Point of Sale System in various settings or for different types of shops, including retail stores, restaurants, or appointment-based businesses. It offers a versatile point of sale system that clients can utilize to establish various types of shops.

Every type of sales system requires many common functions in all types of POS systems. It allows the clients to make online stores which increase the number of orders received because of the increasing number of customers from both online and offline. Clients can see the reports of stores from their square dashboard allowing them to keep track of all the data from physical stores and online stores. Square Dashboard can be accessed by mobile browsers allowing clients to keep tabs on their store from anywhere anytime.


Square provides a wide variety of hardware products for retailers using their square point of sales system. The Square Point of Sale system utilizes these hardware components. Enabling clients to make full use of the software provided by Square. It includes a double-sided cash register that allows both the client’s employee and the customer to review the bill, facilitating easy and quick bill payment or addressing any objections. Complete billing process is under customer eyes giving them full satisfaction. There are various types of hardware provided by Square like magstripe card reader for mobile phone, portable POS system machine, square stand etc.   

Square point of sales system comes with PCI compliances allowing clients to receive all types of payments. From customers from credit and debit card to online payment function for Gpay or Apple Pay. Various modes of payment allow customers to choose the way they are comfortable with. It increase customer satisfaction and brand effects.



Staff Management System:

Square staff management system allows clients to manage their staff through square allowing them to complete various functions. It allows clients to manage their staff schedule, clients can set the staff schedule after calculating maximum efficiency for staff. This can avoid the wastage of staff time and calculate the overtime pay and normal time pay. 

Clients can assign varying levels of permission to different employees within their stores. Enabling them to perform various necessary tasks as required by the clients. They can also be provided with the same level of permission as clients if required by clients.

Clients can calculate and make payments to employees directly from the Staff Management System. It facilitate the payroll process for all staff members. It can also calculate the tax required to pay by clients and manage them from their dashboard. Allowing them to easily make payrolls and tax from the Staff management system.  



  1. It is very easy to set up and get to work on it.


  1. Money transfer could be set up automatically to a bank account. No need to do it every time.



It is a simple and easy to use POS system. That allows various small vendors to have a POS system that they need. It is good for retail book stores, internet cafes, and other small vendors.



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