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Storeforce is a workforce management SaaS that helps retailers optimize their workforce, which can bring more sales. It has the following features :-

  • Retail All-In-One Operations Solution
  • Retail Workforce Management
  • KPI Performance Management
  • Retail Execution
  • Retail Employee Engagement
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Storeforce is a Retail execution and managing platform that helps clients to manage their workforce and increase their performance and efficiency. It integrates retail execution, workforce management, employees engagement, etc into a single dashboard allowing clients to manage all through it. Storeforce was founded in 2010 by Dave Loat and Chris Matichuk in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is trusted by companies like The Body Shop, Timberland, Tommy Hilfinger, Lidas, Cole Haan, Crate&Barrel, Snipes, etc.


Retail Workforce Management:

Storeforce has a robust workforce management software that allows clients to manage their workforce of several stores from a single dashboard. It groups stores based on their historical performance and attributes, and assesses the workforce required for each store at each time. It provides various reports for clients to see and judge work efficiency of various people in the workforce. Clients can make automated employees scheduled using storeforce which can be used by clients to have better performance employees on the floor when there is peak time of stores. It will help clients to schedule excellent employees in more than one store at their peak times, which will increase the efficiency and performance of stores.



Storeforce comes with a built-in Time & Attendance function which allows clients to have full control over time and attendance of their employees. Clients can set up rules which would be used by storeforce to track the attendance of all employees, clients can also set up exceptions to rules which can be automatically used when the employees have any exception to rules. With Storeforce the clients can track attendance across all the stores. Employees can directly send their request of leave to the Time and Attendance dashboard and it will send notification to the store manager. It can also be used by employees to swap shifts with other employees. 


Retail Execution:

Storeforce helps clients by providing consistent services to customers which can grow brand value and get customer recognition allowing them to get the same services at all the stores of clients Brand. Clients can use the storeforce communication function to create a library which contains all the documents, images, videos, training materials, etc which will give store manager, store associates, and field team access to various documents, videos, images,etc helping them to keep up-to-date with various information. Clients can also use it to pass the information to specific employees allowing the information to be confidential.   

Storeforce features a built-in discussion forum that clients and their employees in different stores can utilize to exchange information. This forum serves as a platform to connect all employees, enabling them to share ideas, discuss sales strategies, and update work-related information.



Clients can utilize Storeforce’s task management system to assign tasks to their employees. They can also attach the necessary data required for completing each task. After completing the task, employees can provide feedback and even attach a photo, which serves as verification of the task’s completion. Store visit is also one of the retail execution tools of Storeforce that can help clients to gather all the data of store and rate store according to these data. Its survey option allows clients to collect the feedback from the employees at all levels at any time with Storeforce built-in Survey function.


Retail Employee Engagement:

Storeforce is flexible and allows employees to have control over their work schedule. It allows them to change shifts with others when needed or take more shifts for themself at any store in the city. Employees can utilize their mobile apps to access their scheduled shifts and view their timings. They have the option to submit leave requests directly to their managers through the app. And they receive notifications regarding the approval or denial of their requests.

The manager or client has the ability to post unassigned shifts. It provide an opportunity for others to take on extra shifts or alter their schedules. Storeforce features Discussion Boards that offer employees a real-time platform to share their ideas or feedback. Clients can conduct surveys among all employees to gather their thoughts and requirements. Storeforce incorporates a built-in leaderboard with a gamified approach, encouraging employees to strive for higher rankings. This feature introduces healthy competition within the group and boosts employee enthusiasm.



  1. It provides an easy way to manage the timetable of employees.


  1. It has a learning curve to use software easily.



Storeforce is an Retail management software that provides clients with the help of managing their employees and store. It provides a complete view of the client’s store spreading across cities or countries. It is good software for medium and large companies. If anyone has more than one store they can use this software. It allows them to manage employees of all stores from single dashboard while managing the store at the same time. Storeforce provides greater room for employees to perform which increases stores Brand reputation and sales.



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