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Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is a software which provides banking-as-a-services to various platforms which can be used by businesses. Some of it function are:-

  • Launch faster
  • Drive revenue growth
  • Scale globally
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Control how funds flow
  • Manage your platform
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Stripe Connect is an Irish-American payment processing and financial services company with headquarters in South San Francisco, California, United States and Dublin, Ireland. It furnishes web developers with an application programming interface (API) that they can utilize to seamlessly integrate payment processing into their websites or mobile applications. John and Patrick Collison founded it in 2009 in Palo Alto, California. Trusted companies such as ZOOM, Shopify, Amazon, invideo, JAYPORE, Nalli, and others utilize its services.


Stripe Payments:

Stripe is a complete payment processing software that helps clients with accepting payments globally through many ways. It can be used by ecommerce stores, subscription business, marketplaces platform, etc to complete their payment processing. It provides integration options for clients which can be used by them to simplify the checkout experiences of customers. Clients have the option to utilize Stripe integration hosted payment pages, which can seamlessly adapt to customers’ devices and locations, while also offering features such as tax rates and coupons. Clients can design their own payment forms on their websites using Stripe Elements. Moreover, they can request Stripe to execute API-based integration using their UI. Clients possess the ability to construct comprehensive payment pages to facilitate customer payments. Additionally, they can create customizable invoicing systems to accept both one-off and recurring payments.



Stripe Radar is used by clients to be safe from fraudsters. Stripe uses Adaptive Acceptance to automatically update cards increasing the acceptance. It facilitates global payments, enabling clients to receive payments from their international customers in their desired currency. With support for over 135 types of currency, it offers a unified API for various payment methods such as wallets, banks, debit and credit cards, allowing customers to select their preferred payment option and enhancing conversion rates. It is designed with a developer-centric approach, empowering clients to seamlessly integrate it into their webpages or mobile apps with a personalized touch.


Stripe Checkout:

Stripe offers clients a pre-built checkout solution that clients can employ to facilitate the checkout process for their customers. The maintenance of Stripe Checkout is undertaken by their teams of engineers, enhancing the quality of service provided to clients and boosting customer satisfaction. It can help customers by helping them auto-fill small details like card brand, real-time card validation, address autocomplete, etc . It is optimized for all types of devices like mobile phone, tablet, computer, laptop and accepts payment form local payment processing software like apple pay, Ali pay. Google pay, or various different types of wallets or payments systems.



Stripe built Stripe Checkout to cater to global customers, offering support for over 30 languages and more than 135 currencies. Clients can also customize the checkout page with their brand color, fonts, shapes, and brand settings according to their needs. Clients can also use their own domain to host checkout pages to bring better service to their customers. The Stripe checkout page features a modular design that clients can employ either as an all-in-one page or utilize it for specific payment methods, incorporating embedded UI components.


Stripe Invoicing:

It is a global invoicing software optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop allowing clients to send invoices to customers globally. Clients can add product details, line items, coupons, tax rates, etc to their invoicing and save it for a template allowing them to make an invoice for customers when required. Because of varying tax rates and other customer-specific requirements across different countries, clients have the capability to generate distinct types of invoices. Clients can easily send these invoices to customers via email in PDF format or provide a link to a Stripe-hosted page for payment processing with just a few clicks. Customers can pay with any type of payment option they require. Clients can send and manage invoices easily through their dashboard. 


Stripe Terminal:

Stripe provides point of sales terminals to clients who require such services. It enables clients to synchronize both offline and online sales, ensuring they have a unified dashboard for their payment processing. Clients can manage their sales terminals from their dashboard by assigning different terminals to different stores. Users can be in control of all the readers at all times. Clients can utilize Stripe to craft personalized point-of-sale systems, enabling them to deliver their brand experiences to customers through Stripe JavaScript.




Clients have the option to utilize pre-developed EMV-certified Stripe card readers for their point of sale needs. Stripe EMV provides end-to-end encryption, support chip cards, contact less payments, and mobile wallets like apple pay and google pay. Clients can manage all Stripe card readers directly from their Stripe dashboard.



  1. User friendly dashboard.
  2. Automatically helps clients to follow the security standard.


  1. It is pay as you go which results in high fees for large business volumes.



Clients can employ Stripe, a payment processing software, to personalize their payment processing web pages for their e-commerce sites or mobile applications. It also allows clients to make offline point of sale systems with stripe card readers. Clients can manage their online and offline sales through a single stripe dashboard. It is very suitable for big businesses with large payment scales.



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