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Syndigo, The Active Content Engine

Syndigo is a cloud-based content management platform that can be used to access product details and digital assets in real-time. Its features are:-

  • Create and Ingest Great Content
  • Manage and Govern High-Quality Data
  • Build Engaging Customer Experiences
  • Optimize Product Content Using Analytics
  • Manage and Govern High-Quality Data


Syndigo is a consumer product information and content provider that provides services from starting of supply chain to customer, it provides end-to-end product content experience to clients.  


Content Create:

Syndigo provides content for the retailers and distributor it can ensure consistency across all channels, brands can also provide their content to syndigo which can also be used to have consistency across channels. Content can include image, weight and dimension, nutritional information, ingredients, and other information regarding the product. Syndigo also verifies content for misinformation and accuracy. It optimizes the content for clients to increase their traffic which inturn will increase sales. In optimizing images syndigo highlights unique features, varieties, flavors, or scents. Content can also be that product is shown in a real life setting which can show customers what products will look like. Syndigo resizes the images to convey accurate information regarding products.    

Syndigo can make computer generated images which can help clients to get the digital content before the product has been on shelf without waiting for physical samples from clients, this image can be made to have multiple views from different directions. Clients can swap images out quickly for producing different variants. Clients that sell foods need to make images which can help clients to better showcase their talents. Syndigo helps clients to arrange the product, at the same time helping them to have a publicity effect which can be used in bulk sectors or wholesaler markets. It comes with its own Nutritional information database allowing the clients to have a better understanding of their products nutritionals values.

Its Active Content Engine can use Brands existing images to deliver the content for new products allowing the clients to only need to upload images and product information, syndigo can provide the clients with valid and useful content.


Manage And Govern Data:

Syndigo manages all the data and information of clients through its various systems. That allows clients to manage all their data through a single Dashboard. Its product Information Management system manages the data of all suppliers and distributors allowing clients to view all their data in a single dashboard. It sends the data needed for various processes to its destination and receives the output of various data.

It’s worth noting that this functions as a closed loop, eliminating the need for an additional API to access the data. All operations can be performed within the Syndigo dashboard. Once this data undergoes processing, the PIM retains essential product information, supplier details, and distributor information within its database. Syndigo’s Master Data Management system stores the remaining data, providing clients with the ability to access the required information whenever they need it.

Syndigo’s master domain data seamlessly integrates with various other in-house systems, creating a centralized hub for different types of data. This setup empowers clients, enabling them to create a comprehensive management area. Where they can readily access and utilize a range of diverse data segments.



Clients can establish various types of domains within the Customer Domain to cater to their specific needs. It avoids the duplication of data and ensures accuracy of data. It provides single view of customers to all stakeholders globally by linking and synchronizing customer information across the data sources. Syndigo digital management system allows clients to create a centralized database which stores information like images, videos, documents and any other files needed, it becomes the single source of truth for clients. 


Syndicate and Distribute Content:

Syndigo’s Active Content Engine gathers all the data and provides it to different partners. At the same time it also meets the requirement of partners in the data format allowing partners to receive the data in the format they require. It allows clients to quickly distribute their products’ data to any place. Syndigo helps clients by abiding with various legal policies, it automatically modifies the content to adapt to any new policy. Clients have the capability to transmit data to any kind of system. Clients achieve this by setting up a template. Which they then utilize to send data to the different software applications they use.



  1. It makes sending and maintaining content very easy.


  1. Using PIM, DAM, and MDM within the same system can lead to complications. It might result in individuals becoming disoriented with their data.



It is an end-to-end solution. That can manage, collect, create, enrich, syndicate, and analyze all your digital assets, Core Marketing, and Enhanced product content. It provides many software required in one place. That can save time and money for many business men who require services of these different software. Syndigo provides it in a single dashboard.



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