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Tagalys is product merchandising software that helps clients set up their products based on what is trending in the store. While also allowing the clients to help in displaying its products. Some of its features are :-

  • Site selection
  • Collection and Categories
  • Product Recommendation
  • Scheduling Promotions
  • Performance Segmentation
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Tagalys is a predictive E-Merchandising software that can be used by clients to manage their websites products merchandising allowing them to show trending products to customers through various ways. Antony Kattukaran and Palaniappan Chellapan founded it in 2018 in Newark, Delaware, United States. Companies like LEGO, Strand, Crocs, Evereve, Sheike, The Frankie Shop, Tarocash, etc., trust the platform.


Categories and Collections:

Tagalys is a product merchandising software that can be used by clients to manage their products in various categories. It provides clients with trending products results that can be used by clients to arrange products in their products catalogs allowing trending products to be in the front of all products so that they can be seen by customers and increase conversion and sales. Its data-driven product sorting allows clients to have better understanding of their products trends allowing clients to make better data driven decisions. Clients can use various smart categories allowing them to show different products in their best state. 



In Tagalys clients can make product sequences according to their understanding of different types allowing clients to show various products of different categories to customers allowing them to choose products from various trending products. Clients can use it to display a diversity of products to their customers on the product listing page. Users can promote products in bulk by selecting various product conditions that they fall under allowing clients to easily promote their products. Clients have the ability to generate custom product merchandising strategies using Tagalys, enabling them to promote products at their discretion. The Tagalys analytics function empowers clients to access diverse data reports for their products, providing insights into product performance. Clients can use this data to make more informed adjustments to their marketing strategy, ultimately enhancing their overall approach. Clients can also get reports where they can see the amount of clicks and conversions they are receiving on different products provided by them. 



Site Search:

Site Search is an important function for any website as when a customer goes to any website they try to search the products they want through site search allowing them to find the product they need very fast. 

Clients can utilize Tagalys to gather data from different search results, enabling them to identify the most frequently searched products. This data can then be leveraged to display preferred search results when customers search for specific products. Clients have the capability to pin trending products to the search bar, ensuring their visibility to customers at the onset of their product searches. Tagalys empowers clients to pin search results to the search bar, allowing customers to access and explore trending search results. It is ultimately aiding them in discovering popular product categories. Customers can make use of trending searches to conveniently find various products that are currently popular on the website.



When the customers want to search some products they can type the products name in the search bar but sometimes customers may have written the wrong name which can lead to no result in basic search site engines but Tagalys can autocorrect the customers search result allowing them to find the product they are searching for. Tagalys also provides customers with an option to show partial results when the search made by customers does not have any results allowing the customers to avoid the problem for an empty search page. It can also allow clients to promote various different trending products to the customers. When no results are available to display, clients have the option to include a page showcasing various trending products. Alternatively, clients can choose to display products that are directly relevant to the customers’ conducted searches.




Product Recommendations:

When customers view products, Tagalys will offer additional products of the same type. It provide customers with more reference options and expanding their product choices. Customers can use this feature to enhance their selection of products for purchase. Clients have the flexibility to recommend products in various locations. Like as the shopping cart page or through marketing advertisements for special products.



Clients can make categories like best seller products, new arrival, most viewed to better providing the customers with wide varieties of products to choose from. By sending emails containing product photos and dimensions, businesses can actively recommend products to customers. Enabling them to visualize the products and make purchase decisions. Clients can actively utilize Tagalys to promote personalized recommendations for their customers.



  1. It has a friendly user interface.


  1. Data analytic reports of the clients can only be up to 30 days.



Clients can use Tagalys e-merchandising software to actively promote their products on their website and through email marketing. It is a good software for companies that require to increase their sales through products e-merchandising.



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