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Toast is a software-as-a-service especially built for eatery businesses. It provides all-around services in the tech department and helps in restaurant management. Some of its feature are :-

  • Menu Building
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Payment Gateway
  • Takeout & Delivery
  • Point of sales


Toast is software-as-a-service cloud-based restaurant management software that offers all-around services for restaurants to increase their sales and revenue. It was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Steve Fredette, Aman Narang, and Jonathan Grimm in 2012. Toast provides a POS system based on the Android operating system. It is used by companies such as Protein bar & kitchen, Barbara Lynch, Harpoon Brewery, Jeni’s, etc.


Toast POS System: 

The toast POS system is a cloud-based restaurant management system that helps clients to increase their restaurant performance with its many features. Toast POS system provides restaurants with increased efficiency by providing functions that can be used by restaurants to make them do more with less.



Through Toast POS, we can modify the menu to incorporate a variety of dishes and add-ons, which can be customized based on customer demand. The Toast POS system hardware consists of front and back screens. The front screen serves customers, enabling them to review order details, payment options, and utilize features like signature capture. Meanwhile, the cashier utilizes the back screen to take orders and finalize payments.



With Toast clients can provide table-side services to customers from which customers can order food through the server who has Toast Go2 handheld devices. It also has the capability to process bills and accept payments from customers through non-cash methods. Toast Go2 can take digital online payments from various wallets, it can also swipe cards or use EMV to settle the bill. Customers can also provide feedback regarding the Dishes they meal they had.

Toast POS System: 

Toast also provides clients with online ordering services that allow the clients to create their own online restaurant, which they don’t have to pay commission to any third-party agents. It permits clients to integrate a wide array of third-party APIs provided by itself, which clients can use to enhance their revenue as required.



Toast analytic and reporting system offers a real-time view of various data of store online on any device. Clients have the ability to utilize it for monitoring the status of stores across different locations through their mobile devices or any internet-accessible device. They can also employ it to access and view various reports from the stores. We can sync the frontend taking orders to the backend of the kitchen to improve the efficiency of the kitchen and reduce the waste of food.



With the Toast system, we can use its menu management function to manage our menu in real-time and   even add dishes that are for a limited time period. We can manage the menu of all stores from any device connected to the internet. It also provides a count-based system which can help us escape from embarrassment of having to take the order but the kitchen doesn’t have the ingredients to make the dish. It can sync the data in real-time with all the Toast hardware available for serving. 


Toast Mobile Order & Pay and self Ordering kiosk :



It incorporates a feature that transforms the restaurant menu into a QR code. Customers can scan this code at their table to place orders directly to the main desk. Doing this can bypass the need for a server to take order. This efficient process can effectively manage situations with limited staff, eliminating the reliance on servers for taking customer orders. Toast also allows the payment of bills from the same.

It can also allow the customer to give feedback for their dishes. Toast’s main dashboard enables clients to enhance the QR code menu, providing flexibility in its utilization. Clients can update their menu at any time required by them to give the customer the best experience the restaurant has to offer.

Toast also provides a self ordering kiosk for restaurants. It allows the customers to order their meal and customize it to their desire. Orders placed through the self-serve kiosk are seamlessly transmitted directly to the back kitchen for preparation.


Toast Payroll & Team Management:   

Toast provides team management software through which clients can oversee their workforce by creating work schedules and handling employee leave, while also ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

Its payroll system can count the work hours, overtime, tips, etc from the system. It provide the clients with detailed payout reports. It can also directly transfer the salary to their account according to clients pre-installed time and condition.



  1. It provides all the functions needed by a restaurant with its large integration software.
  2. Its integrated marketing system provides good leads to increase the revenue of restaurants.  


  1. There is no employee training manual and sthe ystem update frequently. 
  2. Its customer support can be lacking sometimes.



The Toast system empowers clients to manage their restaurants comprehensively. Through Toast all-in-one cloud-based software, eliminating the necessity for any other software. It can complete all the tasks required by restaurants to increase their productivity and efficiency. 




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