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TrendMiner is a Web Based self-service analytics Platform for Process Manufacturing. It is a software company that delivers self-service data analytics to help cross-site teams to collaborate and improve their performance. Its key features are: –

  1. Analysis
  2. Analytics
  3. Data Mining
  4. Modeling
  5. Data Visualization and Unification
  6. Data Management


TrendMiner is a cloud-based data analytic solution that can be used by clients to analyze various data and increase their productivity. Bert Baeck founded it in 2008 in Antwerp, Flemish Region, Belgium. It holds the trust of companies such as Spirit Energy, Total, Arkema, Mol Group, and more.



When clients encounter unsolvable problems, they can turn to TrendMiner for resolution. TrendMiner offers a high-speed search engine, advanced filter options, and patented pattern recognition technology, enabling clients to attain actionable data-based insights.

TrendMiner provides an advanced search that clients can use to search the historical data and find the data that is overlapped with the problem allowing clients to find the problem quickly. It can also help the clients to easily assess the problem’s impact and validate or invalidate hypotheses in a matter of minutes.



TrendMiner features diagnostic analytics that clients can utilize to identify and address potential issues within the process. It also aids in determining the root cause of problems and offers solutions to prevent their recurrence. It can quickly help businesses to improve overall performance. Its interface can quickly help in identifying the difference between good and bad data allowing clients to find the cause of problems in their work.

It is made to resolve any abnormality fast and generate explanations. Clients can analyze anything they want in continuous processes or batches and process data is analog, digital, or contextual.



TrendMiner watches all the data collected by the client’s system and monitors the sign of any abnormality, it also watches data for previous faults that have a record in the client’s business database. Businesses can create fingerprints of all types of trouble that they will encounter in their manufacturing process which will allow TrendMiner to alert clients when the abnormality starts.



TrendMiner can watch the process all the time and will not feel tired which can help in reducing human error during the process. Clients have the ability to customize alert notification levels based on their preferences, including options for high and low alert levels. Additionally, they can personalize the actions to be taken in response to these notifications.

With the strong learning ability of the TrendMiner, it can learn about the problem that can happen during the process of manufacturing. Clients can employ past data to ensure the prevention of similar types of abnormal situations from occurring again.


Anticipate future performance:-

TrendMiner includes a predictive analysis feature that clients can utilize to store historical data on past abnormal events. When TrendMiner identifies changes resembling those from previous events, it automatically computes potential trajectories and predicts potential scenarios.

TrendMiner will show the changes in the process and clients will know how far the process has evolved. With the TrendMiner prediction showing data in real-time clients will see where the process is going and will be able to change the direction according to their needs and requirements.



TrendMiner is a data analytic software and does not require any data experts to analyze the data further to get the meaning of the data. Any subject expert engineer in the companies can read the data given by TrendMiner predictive analytics and apply their knowledge to solve problems given by TrendMiner.

Clients have the ability to establish multiple fingerprints for potential issues within the process. This allows TrendMiner to notify different stakeholders, including those in the control room or field engineers, when such problems arise. Clients can take appropriate action in the event of the process deviation from the original direction. Notifications can be issued to individuals through alerts or emails containing the necessary corrective steps for the identified mistake in the search conducted by TrendMiner.



TrendMiner can also control the early warning system of clients to give them assistance in the operation and alert them of any abnormal situation. TrendMiner comes with the integration of soft sensors that can allow its use in special environments like labs where the accuracy of data is very high. This enables labs to obtain clearer results and gather extensive amounts of data without necessitating the expertise of a data specialist to achieve the desired outcomes.



During any manufacturing process, there can be any type of event that can have an impact on operational performance. TrendMiner with the help of various data can capture and combine various analytic processes to give a better understanding of the production process to the engineers. It will help clients to increase their production.

TrendMiner comes with contexthub which gathers all the data of an organization to give better decision-making ability to clients. Due to the requirement for assistance in utilizing the data, businesses often set aside the substantial amount of data they gather amidst the rise of digitalization. With the contexthub of TrendMiner clients can get more business-critical information from the data they can collect increasing the information capability of the business.



Large amounts of data, clients can easily see where it is most loose-making devices are in the manufacturing process allowing them to increase their efficiency. With these large data, clients can actively employ gathered context data to TrendHub. And users can visualize, filter, or overlay time periods in TrendHub giving them a better ability to manipulate data. Collecting substantial volumes of data within ContextHub allows for the provision of the necessary data to TrendHub. This data can then be utilized to create various all-time series data, enhancing the analysis capabilities of TrendHub.

It can increase the speed of analysis of the data and create new fingerprints when required by using the collected data. It can also monitor data more effectively and send notifications when required to control rooms and better control process parameters when needed.



  1. Its visualization of data is very helpful when the process has deviated.
  2. Fingerprints can compare large amounts of data to the current work process.


  1. It only provides a single individual workspace, not a group workspace.



Companies in the production sector can utilize TrendMiner, a data analytic solution, to enhance their efficiency and streamline engineers’ access to necessary data. Its integration with advanced sensors makes it applicable in high-end laboratories for obtaining required data without the need for data analytics.


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