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Trustpilot is a consumer review management platform that provides business and customers with genuine reviews. It has following features:-

  • Customer Feedback
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Social Networks Monitoring
  • Authentification
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Trustpilot is a review management website which collects reviews for businesses from their customers and hosts it on Trustpilot. It allows customers to give written, Images or videos reviews which are more authentic than general reviews, business can reply to their customer and solves the troubles that they are facing. Peter Holten Mühlmann founded it in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007. Companies like StubHub, Rainbow, Kaplan, Amica, Care.com, Experian, Pawrade, and more trust and employ it.


Manage Reviews:

Trustpilot gathers the reviews for the clients on their websites by sending emails to their customers allowing them to leave their impression of clients products on the reviews site of trustpilot. Clients can manage the gathered reviews from their trustpilot dashboard or from their own helpdesk. They can reply to the customers reviews on the trustpilot websites giving the impression to customers on being responsive to their complaint. It allows the clients to have a better impression on the customers. Trustpilot comes with a notification function that sends the clients notification when a new review is written, clients can control the notification frequency for their reviews.


On Trustpilot, both clients and customers have the ability to flag reviews that they believe do not adhere to Trustpilot’s guidelines. Trustpilot then conducts investigations into these flagged reviews. It allows both clients and customers to know that the review they see is genuine, not fake reviews. Trustpilot has transparent flogging which allows both clients and customers to know which reviews are flagged and what happened to those reviews. Clients may not know about every customer that has returned the review on their page but with Trustpilot reviewers finding tools allows clients to connect with the reviewer allowing them to know about their experience or resolve their issues. Clients can ask reviewers to add their order number and reference number with reviews allowing them to better help their customers.



Trustpilot utilizes built-in custom fraud-detection software, which the Content Integrity Team employs to monitor fake reviews. It allows both clients and customers to flag the reviews, allowing trustpilot to have better control of fake reviews. Trustpilot is working on setting international industry standards. 


Get Reviews:

When any Business joins trustpilot they can send invitations to customers to write about their products performance on their profile allowing customers to leave meaningful reviews. Clients can leverage these reviews to enhance their Google seller’s rating and browsers can peruse them to influence their purchasing decisions regarding clients’ products. By employing Trustpilot widgets, clients can exhibit Trustpilot reviews and ratings on their websites, providing customers with insights into product performance, thereby potentially boosting customer conversions.



Review on trustpilot can increase the google seller rating of clients. By enhancing their website’s SEO, clients can attract a larger customer base, who can subsequently be encouraged to leave reviews of the products they have purchased on their respective profiles. Clients can differentiate the review of the customers based on their location. They can show reviews from their surroundings on top of reviews list allowing more local customers to come for shopping. Clients can allocate Trustpilot permissions to different employees, limiting them to particular tasks for which they have been granted authorization. Additionally, permissions can be tailored according to store locations.



Clients have the option to utilize a Trustpilot Embedded Review form on their websites. Enabling customers to write reviews of the products they have purchased. Trustpilot automation of sending email to customers allows clients to be free from monotonous work of sending customer email asking for reviews, it also sends a poke email to customer which can bring more reviews to clients. 


Analyze Reviews:

Trustpilot includes its own analytic dashboard, enabling clients to access diverse data that can provide insights into their customer base. It aids clients by providing in-depth analyses on how reviews impact their Google seller rating, offering guidance to take actions that align with improving their rating. With a tagging function, clients can categorize their reviews, gaining a deeper understanding of the subjects covered in each review. Customers can also use it to share store locations, which clients can leverage to promptly address inquiries and enhance store customer experiences.



  1. It has paid services which allows clients to filter out the reviews displayed according to ratings.


  1. Clients need to sign for 12 months at the very least as they don’t support monthly plans.


It is reviews management software that allows clients to automatically get the reviews from customers by sending them emails asking for reviews on products. If you are a large enterprise or startup with money then you can choose trustpilot as it takes 12 months of money at the same time. But for small businesses it can make their pocket empty.



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