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Vendasta provides end-to-end service to its digital partners allowing them to provide seamless services to local small and medium businesses. Its feature:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Project Management
  • Sales & CRM
  • Workflow Automations
  • Brandable Client Portal


Vendasta is an end-to-end e-commerce platform that allows clients to sell digital products and services to their customers. Vendasta clients provide their customers with a single dashboard for all the products that they sell to them allowing them to free themself from multiple logins for different services and products. Brendan King, Jeff Tomlin, Allan Wolinski, Jason Collins, Guy Kelsey, Ches Hagen, and John Fothergill collectively founded it in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.


Marketing Automation:

Vendasta provides automation services to their clients which allows them to automate the non-essential and repeating tasks allowing them to increase their working speed. Email automation is a vital task that clients can undertake through automation, requiring them to prepare the essential information needed for the process. Vendasta offers artificial intelligence automation, enabling clients to create personalized marketing content. This content can then be sent to customers for marketing purposes through automated means. These hyper-customized emails allow clients to make powerful and persuasive sales pitches, and build trust which allows clients to have better marketing results. 



Vendasta has merged the scalability of outbound mail with the efficiency of inbound mail allowing clients to provide campaigns created by Vendasta artificial intelligence which include personalized information and research that can bring click rate to clients. It provides a large number of digital products and services that can be used by clients to provide their customers with various digital products and services allowing them to better serve their customers. Vendasta artificial intelligence allows clients to automate their online store which can automatically work for 24 hours allowing clients to have free time and not to be present all the time on their online store. 


Billing And Invoicing:

Vendasta offers clients a flexible pricing plan that they can utilize to establish pricing plans for different services under various conditions. This enables customers to select the desired products. Vendasta’s artificial intelligence feature empowers clients to automate the payment process. This functionality facilitates recurring payments from clients, ensuring that they don’t overlook customer payments due to automated reminders.



Vendasta provides convenience for different types of payment methods allowing clients to give their customers better payment options allowing them to pay the invoice in the way that they want to pay. It accepts all major types of debit and credit cards allowing customers to pay using their debit or credit cards or they can directly pay the payment to the client’s bank account that they have added to the vendasta. Clients possess the capability to expand their market by selling their products to various countries. This broader market can be utilized to market their digital products and services, supported by Vendasta’s international payment processing. This system accommodates all major debit and credit cards, providing both clients and customers with confidence throughout the transactions.



Vendasta provides built-in security services for the invoicing of their clients. It allows them to provide better security to their customers, it also supports invoicing in many different languages. With artificial intelligence automation clients can automate the billings of their products in the way they want allowing clients to pay more attention to customers.


Project Management:

In Vendasta, clients can employ project trackers to monitor the progress of diverse projects within their domain. This encompasses tracking projects from their initiation and approval through to their completion. This functionality provides clients with a thorough understanding of the projects their employees are engaged in. Also about the current stages of those projects. Vendasta comes with an in-built messaging app allowing clients using it to talk to their customers. Their employees can also use the app to talk to each other about various different types of projects. Clients can talk to their employees and assign them tasks through the messaging app. 



Vendasta provides templates to clients who can create various tasks and projects allowing them to manage their work more easily. It helps clients to reduce the complexity of the work by automating recurring. Clients can use large amounts of data on the platform to make use of templates and create recurring faster. Business can organize various projects and assign the task to various employees. Clients can easily find the projects that they are working on or their employees are working on allowing them to know about various projects. 


Snapshot Report:

Vendasta provides clients with various comparative intelligence that they can use to get customers. It allow them to have better working conditions. Clients can create personalized emails for their customers by using the data from Snapshot Report. It allows clients to have better knowledge about their customers. Clients have the ability to customize the layout of the report. Enabling them to eliminate unnecessary data or rearrange various sections to enhance its presentation. Furthermore, clients can rename the report to align with their brand and positioning.




  1. It provides a wide range of services to its clients.


  1. It takes time to learn as there are many features in it, which can cause problems in starting. 



Clients can utilize Vendasta, an end-to-end e-commerce platform, to offer digital products and services to their customers. Vendasta clients mainly provide digital services to small and medium-sized businesses.



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