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Vowel is a cloud-based meeting solution platform that provides service from before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting to any teams that require such services. Its features are:-

  • Live transcription
  • AI-powered summaries
  • AI-powered interactive video meetings
  • Collaborative notes and agendas


Vowel is a software as a services cloud-based meeting solution platform that was founded in 2018 by Andrew Berman, Ben Kempe, Matt Slotkin, and Paul Fisher in New York, USA. Vowel provides a complete meeting solution from before starting the meeting to after ending the meeting. 


Before Meeting:



When convening a meeting, we typically notify the team members about the scheduled meeting and provide them with the topic. However, the process ends there, and all team members contemplate the topic individually. But with Vowel, we can create an agenda for the team where they can raise their doubt and question regarding the meeting and better prepare for the meeting. They can also raise their ideas about topics that can be discussed by all team members to refine these ideas into something substantial which can help the team in the meeting. In this way, we can make good progress for the meeting without even starting the meeting.

With the integration of Google Calendar, we can easily schedule normal or recurring meetings. The ease of creating the meeting has been magnified. 



To schedule a meeting we can select the create vowel meeting in the calendar which will lead us to the google calendar event scheduling page where we can select the date and time for a meeting if we want we can turn this meeting into a recurring meeting for here as well.



During Meeting:

In vowel making a meeting is very easy. After the meeting starts, if we have not invited any team members or we have a temporary guest to attend the meeting we can send them the link to the meeting and they can join this meeting even if they do not have an account at Vowel.



We can record the meeting by selecting the Record option on the bottom left corner of the panel. On the right of the record button, there is an option for Mic and camera from which we can start or stop mic and camera. In the middle of the panel, at the bottom, there is an option for screen sharing, and sending emojis

We can capture the entire meeting, although there are instances where individuals might prefer to record only a brief or specific segment of the meeting that pertains to their needs or work content. In such cases, Vowel offers the choice of recording for all participants, rendering assistance to everyone. Vowel introduces a unique bookmarking feature that enables the marking of particular moments in the recording, facilitating future usage as required. This function is in the bottom center of a panel on the left side of the end meeting button. Between the end, meeting/leave meeting icons there is an icon with dots with three points from top to bottom that is called more. It has many options like changing background, toggling speaker view, editing profile, hide talk-time on tiles, Log Out, etc.

On the right side of the panel, there are notes or comment writing places where we can write notes or make comments for all meeting members to see or edit as needed. You can opt to make this note page private, restricting its visibility solely to us. On the bottom of the panel on the right side, there is an option for transcribing which will transcribe the whole meeting that can be provided to all meeting members after the end of the meeting.


After Meeting:



Conclude the meeting and send the transcript to all team members. On the Vowel main page, locate the Action item on the left side of the panel. This item records all the actions decided upon in the meeting, and all members can view actions in progress, completed, or not yet started.

While in the meeting and addressing important points, utilize the bookmark feature to create clips from the video and transcript. Store these clips in the My Clips folder for sharing or future viewing purposes.

For general meetings, share the recorded video and transcript in a folder accessible to all participants. This allows everyone at the demo to observe the overall business situation.



  1. It has good record-taking capability in both video and audio, and written notes.
  2. It has good video quality.
  3. Its timestamp ability is helpful.


  1. Transcript needs to be saved by ourselves; it does not save automatically.
  2. Private and public not taking space should take half each so we don’t have to switch between them.



Vowel proves to be a highly effective software for meetings, boasting a minimal learning curve. Starting up doesn’t take much time due to the swift registration process that employs a Gmail ID, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless initiation.



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