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Vue.ai is a Software-as-a-Service that provides end-to-end services in retail automation allowing clients to decrease their workload and increase their conversion. Its features are:

  • Automated catalog management
  • Automated on-model imagery
  • AI-enabled styling and outfitting
  • Personalized shopper journeys
  • AI-enabled dynamic 1:1 personalization
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Vue.ai – AI Catalog Automation & personalization platform. Using Visual AI and algorithms Vue.ai helps retailers automate catalog management and personalization of customers’ shopping journey. Anand Chandrasekaran and Ashwini Asokan founded it in 2013 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Trusted companies such as Diesel, Showpo, Levi’s, TATA, Off-White, Theory, LaneCrowford, Meshki, and others utilize its services.


Intelligent Content Management:

Vue.ai intelligent content management system has product tagging as its feature. There are many different types of products in any retail store, to manage all these clients need to tag different products with different tags, many products have different variations which need to be tagged separately. With Vue.ai clients can use its tagging features to create different tags for different categories of products allowing them to find different products in product catalog very easily. Vuetag gathers data using data extraction and data prediction to enhance product data. It can also get data from structured or unstructured visual and text input. Clients can save their time using AI automation to help them generate data and customize tags.




Vue.ai uses the image recognition function of Artificial Intelligence allowing clients to check the images from vendors or suppliers in bulk. Clients can check image quality and whether it is in compliance with guidelines issued by websites. AI can also be trained to check custom requirements by clients. It works on large scale volumes of images instantly. Vue.ai comes with image recognition that can help clients to access different parts of products’ photos to check if they meet guidelines of clients. Clients can train AI models to assess new custom guidelines based on their requirements. All AI have is the ability to learn continuously from input and feedback to provide better results after a long time. 




Vue.ai provides clients with an excess inventory management tool that allows them to see all the data of the products in a single Dashboard. Clients can manage and send product information with the price to different market channels, clients can use different currencies to settle accounts. Buyers can create separate spaces with all features required to have negotiation talk with clients. Clients can negotiate with buyers on any issue of prices, style, quantities, categories or other attributes allowing buyers and clients to have fulfilling conversion. Vua.ai automatic Assortment allocation automatically sorts out an equal number of units of the same products during allocation. 



Customer Experience Management:

Vue.ai provides product personalization for customers that allow them to see the products that they are likely to buy. Artificial Intelligence is used to collect various data of customers and product data from clients to provide shoppers with personalized recommendations on e-commerce websites. It provides contextually relevant products based on shoppers past data, current session and what is trending which increase engagement, and conversions. It provides customers with one-on-one service in real-time. That is if customers are searching for shoes then it will provide similar products as recommendations to customers.  




Vue.ai’s Styling Recommendation furnishes customers with a curated selection of products tailored to their preferences. It enhances their visibility of items of interest and thereby augmenting the average order value. Its AI algorithm autonomously constructs individualized profiles for each customer, resulting in a deeply personalized experience. This personalization extends not only to shopping but also encompasses email and notifications for customers. Vue.ai can separate shoppers based on psychographic, demographic, behavior and intent and will automatically add new people into various categories. Clients can dynamically personalized product categories page that will provide customers with products that they care about on the top of personalized page. It will increase the conversion of products. 




Customers can also employ personalized search to efficiently locate the specific products they desire from a vast product catalog. This tailored approach allows a high rate of conversion. When a customer searches for a particular product there is a high chance that he will buy it. Vue.ai provides all customers data according to their individual shopping preference. It also provides a virtual dressing room that can be used by customers to select the dress they want to wear. Vue.ai virtual dressing rooms allow clients to select the models they want to see the dress on. Customers can choose a model that is close to their look allowing clients to have better judgment of clothes they are buying. Virtual dressing rooms encourage the customers to buy a full set of clothes rather than only single pieces. They can also buy many articles from the recommended products.



  1. Its AI provides high accuracy in doing extra work.
  2. Its User Interface is easy to use.


  1. It sometimes lag when uploading large amounts of products.



It is a retail automation software that provides clients with a decrease in workload and increase in productivity and conversion. It is suitable for businesses that want to modernize and personalize their customer experience in their e-commerce website.



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