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Widen Collective

Widen Collective Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that provides Business with tools to manage and distribute their assets to teams and channels. It has following features :- 

  • Organizational Interface
  • Import/Export Data
  • File Transformation
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Workflow Management


Widen Collective is an American company that develops, designs Digital Assets Management And Product Information Management software. It was founded in 1948 in Madison, Wisconsin by Arthur and Emily Widen. It started as a plate-engraving business but turned to digital asset management software and launched its first product in 1998 and changed its name to Widen Enterprises Inc. Widen Collective is trusted by companies like Auto-desk, Hoot-suite, Dyson, New Balance, Crayola, Huston Texans, etc.


Digital Assets:

Widen Collective safeguard clients content in its Digital Assets library it can store image, audio, video, creative files quickly and easily, it can also change the format of files into the desired format for clients. Clients have the option to share files and distribute them as needed. Partners can receive and download these files for publishing after clients share them. Clients can leverage the files stored in the assets library to tag, clip, trans-code, and stream videos. This functionality facilitates the direct publishing of assets from the assets library. Moreover, clients can embed files on web pages, ads, or any other necessary locations. It can also change the embed files on web pages and other places by changing the master file in the assets library. It also provides function of version control, assets expiration date, and image rights.



Clients can create groups and collections for storage of files, these can be categorized into different types according to the clients desire which can help clients sort out the files so that they can be found when needed easily. Clients can share these groups and collections with their partners allowing them to download the files they require, it can help clients Brand to have consistency across all platforms which can increase brand value and customers trust. Widen allows clients to customize its app with their logo, color, images, etc making the app look more like the clients brand, its global content delivery network allows clients to send their content anywhere in the world at fastest speed.     



Clients can create various sub accounts for their teams, partners, collaborators, etc allowing them to view the assets library with their sub accounts. Clients can set various restrictions on sub accounts allowing them to see and use only what they require, it can increase the security of the Brand assets.  



Widen collection comes with a Product Information Management system which collects all the information regarding the product like weight, dimensions, production material, and product usage which helps clients by automation of data required by partners and various channels. Data can be imported through various apps or directly inputted by clients. Clients also have the ability to secure the data and manage access permissions. They can categorize data by product type or attributes, facilitating effortless data retrieval when needed.

Clients can organize the product description, feature list, and other details with Widen inbuilt text editor. Clients must assign the suitable product to its respective brand, location, and region. They can add various product assets to the products, which empowers them to send product information and related assets directly to partners and other distribution channels.



Widen collection has an automation workflow system which allows clients to automate the workflow. Clients can set custom triggers which will automatically send notification to different people depending on what is custom trigger. When clients upload product assets, the system sends notifications to team members. These notifications serve to alert team members about the tasks they need to complete for that specific product. Widen Collection will send notification at every step of the product life cycle to related people.



Clients can sync the products to the E-commerce, websites or print publisher. The products are categorized differently, enabling them to synchronize with various merchants across different channels. It allows clients to find products which are missing information or need approval. Clients also have the capability to transmit new product information to merchants and partners. This equips them with comprehensive details about the new products, which they can then employ to effectively advertise these products to customers.



With Insights on assets Widen collective has an assets insights dashboard that shows clients who is accessing and downloading their assets. It also provides clients with time, when and where. Its Dashboard allows clients to monitor user engagement, search pattern, location and referral sources.



Clients can analyze users’ interaction with assets and compare how different assets are working. Since the main assets file resides in the Assets library, clients gain the ability to observe the utilization of their digital assets by partners. Clients can then choose key content points and personalize drag-and-drop dashboards for tracking crucial metrics. 



Widen collective provides ways to create templates for clients. It which allow them to create brand templates which have inbuilt brand front, logo, color, and product images. It allows clients products to have consistency across all the channels and partners. Clients can send the templates to partners and collaborators. Allowing them to create various things like posters and ads on the basis of templates. 



  1. It has a good user graphical interface.


  1. It’s important to note that this is a comprehensive software that might pose certain challenges when you initially start using it.



Widen Collective is a good Software-as-a-Service platform that helps clients to manage their digital assets. It also provides Product Information and marketing resources management services. It offers clients the option to choose from three different types of services based on their specific needs.



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