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WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin that can be used to create an online e-commerce website using WordPress from small to large. Its features are:-

  • No-code customizations
  • Optimized Checkout
  • Payment and transaction
  • Multi-Channel e-commerces
  • Shipping


WooCommerce is an online open source software plugin for WordPress. It is used as a plugin for WordPress Websites to convert it into ecommerce online store. Its developers were Mike Jolley and James Koster who were hired by WooThemes to develop Jigoshop that developed into WooCommerce. It is trusted and used by Brands like Orange, All Blacks, Singer, Daelmans, Chaka Khan etc.


No-Code Customization:

WooCommerce is a No-Code Customization website builder. It allow to clients to make their own online store without the knowledge of coding. It uses block themes to allow visual editing by clients, they can edit the whole webpage by dividing it into several parts and editing header, footer, and other parts differently and then combining them to form the webpage we want. 


Block Themes allow clients to make the website through integrating the various blocks which can be seen as modular blocks. Modular blocks are pre-designed and can be integrated and customized into the way the clients require them to make their ideal websites. WooCommerce also equips clients with a range of font styles, colors, and spacing options. Clients can use these features to give the website a look that aligns with their brand.



WooCommerce allows clients to edit their online store the way they want to make their online store. It allows them to edit every page that they want including checkout pages and shopping carts for their online store. Block themes allow clients to make changes on their website anytime to upgrade to new design or just to keep the website fresh in the eyes of customers.


Sell Online:

WooCommerces allows clients to build their online store while providing them with all the need they have for running their online store. It is easy and fast to build websites that allow clients to open their online store faster. 

WooCommerces have large number integration both paid and free for popular e-commerces advertising channels, social media channels and various marketplace plugins allowing clients to make more exposure in various social media and e-commerces advertising channels and drive traffic towards their online store.  

WooCommerces is an open source platform which allows clients to completely own the data of their website thereby providing best privacy to their customers.


Checkout and Payments:

WooCommerce allows clients to personalize their checkout page allowing them to give unique Brand experiences to customers. WooCommerce provides clients a simplified checkout and payment process. It allows clients to edit and modify their checkout pages for a more simplified process. A simplified process allows customers to quickly complete their checkout process and there are few customers who abandon their cart, which increases revenue for the clients. Its instance field validation allows the customers to quickly fill the form for delivery address of the product or if there is some extra requirement for any clients they can edit and modify the page that they need.   

WooCommerce offers clients the ability to integrate various types of payment processes into the checkout page. This integration allows clients to provide customers with the option to use the payment process they are most comfortable with. It supports all international language and payment currency allowing clients to sell their product in the global market without worrying about tax as WooCommerces will help clients to complete these steps within the platform. 



WooCommerce integration allows clients to promote their products on various social media sites and it also allows clients to show paid ads in Google through its integration of WooCommerce. Clients can sync their account in google with WooCommerce account allowing them to control the ads through their WooCommerce account. Clients can use third-party marketplaces to expand their sales and promotion channels by integrating their WooCommerce accounts. This integration helps drive growth for the client’s online store. These api also allow clients to integrate their data on different platforms allowing clients to work from a single dashboard.


WooCommerces allow integration with various email marketing api allowing clients to send email to customers for various reasons allowing them to always remember the onlines store at all time which can increase the customer return visit and increase cart clearance rate of the store. It’s coupons management system allows clients to send coupons to their loyal and repeat customers allowing brand awareness of the store to spread in customers.    



WooCommerces has a shipping function built in which can help clients to make shipping labels from the WooCommerces Dashboard. It also keep track of their shipped order, and send notification to customers about their order status. It can save clients time because they won’t have to manually copy parcel information to a third-party API. Instead WooCommerces allows them to complete the work in the shortest amount of time.


Mobile App:

WooCommerces have its own mobile app for both android and IOs systems which allow clients to work from their mobile from anywhere. Clients can access their account from mobile without any reduction in capability of WooCommerces account.    


Multi-Channel ecommerce:

Nowadays there are many online ecommerce platform that allow clients to open their online store. But many times it is not enough to just open store online clients have to promote them to. Clients utilize the WooCommerce plugin to establish their online e-commerce stores on WordPress. It offers clients various integrations to connect their online stores with popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and more.

Client can also integrate their WooCommerce online store into their social networking accounts and google which can allow them to sell their products through social media websites and google. Google provides users with links to various online stores where they can buy the products they want by searching for them.



  1. It provides a wide variety of functions for clients to work on.
  2. It lets clients mark different prices in different currencies.


  1. Its various plugins can be costly.
  2. Loading many plugins may slow down websites. It takes time to search for suitable plugins and it may not be the one we need or like.



It is a good software for making an online store on the WordPress site. Its many features allow clients to find almost all the things they require to maintain their online store. 



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