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WPML is WordPress-based Plugins that can translate websites into multiple languages. Its feature are:-

  • Quality Automatic Translations
  • Translation Workflow Control
  • Professional Human Translation
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Stable and Secure


WPML (WordPress Multilingual) is a WordPress plugin that is used by clients to allow their website to serve users in multiple languages, it removes the barrier for business by allowing them to sell their products in different countries using the translation services provided by WPML. It not only provides the clients websites with translation services it also allows customers to even pay in their local currency. It was launched in 2007 by Amir Helzer.


Automatic Translations:

Automatic Translation allows clients to save their time by allowing the clients to save a pre arranged system allowing for automation of their translation services. Automatics translation services can translate the clients entire websites or translate small parts of individual pages, posts, and other content according to clients requirement. WPML comes with the translation engine of Google Translator, DeepL Translator, and Microsoft Translator allowing clients to choose which engine they want to use for their translation work. 



With WPML comes with translate everything automatically mode. It allows clients to decide what to translate and how to translate allowing them. The background process will automatically translate all posts, pages, and content each time clients publish new material. This process ensures that clients can offer fully translated and current websites. WPML includes a Translation Management Dashboard, which enables clients to temporarily halt translation work if further editing is necessary. Once all the content has been edited, clients can resume translation services. If any edits or additions are made to the website, WPML will prompt clients to determine whether to proceed with translation work based on the updated content. This feature ensures that clients can translate their websites without incurring duplicate costs.



Clients can give the translation authority to others allowing them to choose who and what to translate. When clients don’t want to translate a complete page but want to choose what to translate then they can use translation management dashboard to translate specific content. Automatic translation content can translate work from one language to another but to give more human touch to translate content clients can ask a human translator to check all automatic translation content.


Translation Workflow Control:

Translation Management dashboard is used by clients to decide what they want to translate or how to translate it. Clients can translate the whole site or specify what they want to translate. They can also allow others to translate the content of their websites. Users given permission to translate can also review the translated content allowing the clients to do more productive work and can give the translation work to other team members. Form Translation management dashboard clients can send the content for automatic translation or send it to human translators, they can also use automatic translation and send the translated for human reviews to give content more human touch. 



Translation managers and clients can cancel the translation job assigned in translation sequence. It allows clients to better manage their translation work. They can also stop the ongoing translation but the translation cost still needs to be paid. 


Professional Human Translation:

Machine translation has advanced by leaps and providing automatic translation services to businesses. But sometimes there are some translations that machine translation is not able to complete. As their might be change in the meaning of sentence not giving out exact translation service as required by users. Then clients can only use professional human translation to translate the content required. 

There are many ways to use professional human translation services. Clients can use machine translation to translate the content required in the language that they want. And ask a professional human translator to proofread the content. Which correct the mistake occurred by the machine translation in the content. Or they can directly give the content to a professional human translator who will translate the whole content according to clients requirement. Only legal documents or some important documents are translated using professional human translation as there might be a change of meaning from one language to another.


Multilingual & Multi Currency E-Commerce:

Clients can employ WPML to establish an e-commerce website. Which allows them to sell their products in various countries with diverse languages. Furthermore, WPML equips clients’ websites with its Multicurrency system. Which clients can utilize to enable customers from different countries to use their local currencies for purchasing products from the clients’ e-commerce websites. Customers can choose which currency they want to pay in at the payment page of websites.



String Translation:

WPML String Translation allows clients to translate the content that is not in site page, post and any place else. String translation can translate site tagline, general text and widget translation.  Clients can utilize the WPML String Translation interface to translate text within other widgets or plugins and on the admin screen. From String translation dashboard clients can know how many widget are available in websites. Which allow clients to translate them according to their needs.


Multilingual SEO:

Clients can use WMPL as a multi-translation services plugin on their websites, enabling the translation of their websites. Multilingual SEO of the WMPL comes with an automatic translation function allowing clients to have a better understanding of their translation content. When implementing multilingual SEO, WMPL assists clients in optimizing their websites for searches in different languages. This optimization can lead to an increase in the number of website visits by customers. It helps in translation of SEO metadata, titles and page slugs.



  1. It has a good user interface but comes with a learning curve.
  2. WPML offers clients a wealth of training manuals that they can utilize to become familiar with the functionality of WPML.


  1. If not used properly, the automatic translation feature of WPML may experience failures.
  2. Sometimes it may take time to get the string done properly.



Clients can utilize WPML, a WordPress Multilingual and Multi-Currency plugin, to empower their websites with the capability to function in various languages. This enables users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to access their websites. Businesses at various levels can employ WPML according to their specific requirements.



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