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Yoobic is Frontline Experience Platform that provides business with digital workplace for frontline team. It has following features:-

  • All-in-one Digital Workplace
  • Employee Communication
  • Mobile Learning
  • Task Management
  • Customization
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Yoobic is an all-in-one retail store management software that provides clients with all the functions required by frontline workers to increase their productivity. It integrates task management, Learning, Employee Communication, etc into one allowing clients employees to increase their productivity and brand effect. It was founded by Fabrice Haïat, Avi Haïat,

and Gilles Haïat in 2014 at New York, New York, US. It is trusted and used by companies Kate Spade, Puma, Clarins, BurgerFi, Yankee Candle, Adore Me, Pixi Beauty, Lacoste, Peugeot, and Kenzo.


Employees Communication:

Yoobic has employee communication channels that can be used by clients and employees. Employees can collaborate with each other and share their opinion with the clients through Yoobic communication, clients can listen to everyone’s feedback through it. It helps clients and employees to keep on the same wavelength by sharing latest news, having activities, and gives companies their own social media app. Clients can encourage the employees through post and receive feedback from employees through interactive polls.

Yoobic includes its own library that clients can utilize to share resources such as the employee handbook, crucial documents, and training manuals. Employees can ask questions with each other and create Q&A forms. Users can create filters within Yoobic to expedite information retrieval for employees. Yoobic furnishes a one-on-one communication function that clients and employees can employ to send messages as required. Furthermore, it features a live video function enabling individuals or groups to engage in video chats, which can be recorded and subsequently shared with others. Yoobic has Sentiment Analysis artificial intelligence algorithm build-in that can help clients to analyze the sentiment of employees from their chat and give clients analysis results.

Task Management:

Yoobic comes with a Task Management Dashboard that can help clients to digitize their teams tasks arrangement helping their team members to have all their task needs in their hands. Clients have the ability to generate digital audits and checklists within Yoobic. These resources can then be utilized by frontline workers to carry out their tasks, leading to a reduction in the reliance on paper-based methods or multiple applications. Employees can conveniently finalize their reports and conduct audits using their mobile devices, subsequently forwarding comprehensive reports directly from their devices to the appropriate individuals. This helps clients to get a real-time overview of their employees’ tasks and working conditions.

Clients can formulate standard operating procedures for promotional and merchandising execution through Yoobic. Employees then employ these procedures to execute tasks with greater accuracy and punctuality. Yoobic helps clients to unify their routines like inspection, checklist, etc. It also helps in detecting anything unusual, helping frontline workers to respond in time. It comes with a virtual help desk where employees can make their request for maintenance, equipment etc allowing them to do what they should not entangle in matters unrelated to them. Virtual help desk analysis root cause of their problem and will try to complete long term fix of their problems.



Clients can utilize Yoobic’s real-time analytic dashboard to monitor the activities of frontline workers in the field. Concurrently, they can assess performance and identify trends.


Mobile Learning:

Yoobic offers SCORM compatible solutions that organizations can utilize to import, create, and distribute microlearning content. This content can be employed by their employees to acquire the latest knowledge relevant to their roles. It also helps clients to to translate their learning materials to required language as it supports multi-language tools that can translate learning material automatically. Clients can also send employees any specific learning material through notification or alert them when new content is available.

Newly onboarded employees can utilize the Yoobic learning management system to acquire the necessary skills required for task completion. It can send documents, videos, images to new employees which they can use to increase their skills. Clients can test employees’ knowledge through quizzes and reward them with badges and points. Yoobic’s gamified learning environment enables employees to experience improved learning conditions through the provision of badges, points, and a leadership scoreboard. Organizations can utilize these elements to create incentivized challenges that encourage learning and foster relationships among employees. The Yoobic dashboard facilitates the observation of employee performance, allowing clients to compare their past and present achievements. Furthermore, it enables the tracking of employee progress following training sessions.




Yoobic allows integration of various software’s which can help clients to better utilize its capability. It additionally furnishes clients with custom API makers, enabling them to integrate any required software.



  1. It offers a wide array of functionalities that organizations can leverage to enhance efficiency.


  1. It is not easy to learn and requires experienced personnel to take charge. 



Yoobic allows clients to have complete control over their store through various functions provided by it. It also helps employees have better control over their work which increases efficiency and productivity.



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