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Zipline is software that provides retailers with a platform that helps them by bringing all their frontline teams into a single platform. It has the following function :-

  • Message and task
  • Resources library
  • Surveys
  • Groups
  • Assessments
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Zipline is a Software-as-a-Services that provides clients with all of their needs in Retail Execution. It was founded in August, 2014 in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US by Jeremy Baker, Melissa Wong. It is trusted by companies L.L Beans, NYSC, PACSUN, J.CREW, Allbirds, Torrid, Cole Haan etc.


Employee Communication:

In retail execution, timely communication and sharing of information is an important factor affecting the efficiency of work of employees. Zipline combines communication and task management to form a single messaging dashboard where clients can give tasks to their employees, clients can also check the progress of tasks assigned to employees allowing them to have an overview of all work activities of employees. Zipline Messaging dashboard provides employees with the function of searching for data that is required and it also allows them to conduct surveys. Its group chat function allows both clients and employees to be up-to-date with the situations of front-line teams. 



Zipline allows clients and their employees to customize their Messaging allowing them to create messages with rich features allowing them to have good communication with front-line teams. Zipline messaging dashboard also acts as a comprehensive document management solution which provides clients and their employees with search capabilities, to conduct surveys and have group chat capabilities with front-line teams. 


Task Management:

Zipline offers clients a task management dashboard that enables them to assign various tasks to different employees. This system automatically prioritizes tasks and provides employees with clear insights into their responsibilities. Each employee receives a day sheet that outlines the tasks and information necessary to complete them during their shift. This approach provides a straightforward and focused understanding of their upcoming tasks.





Zipline task management allows clients and their associates to use its calendar to assign tasks to stores and departments. It allow them to manage stores more efficiently. Employees can see tasks assigned to them by their leader from their work calendar in a zipline. It allow them to know what they need to accomplish in the coming week or month. Zipline provides daily digest from field leaders to district managers which allow them to know tasks at every level providing them with an easy way to know who is going to do what today.    

It allows team leaders and managers to see all the tasks in a single dashboard.


Zipline’s Assessments:

A good score standard only comes into effect when clients can track them, allowing them to see what are the scores of a particular store. Zipline assessments allow the clients to know which store is doing assessments allowing them to work on this basis. Zipline assessments work from mobile phones allowing managers to do assessments from their mobile phone. It also automatically saves the work allowing managers to complete them even if there are interruptions in the middle from time to time.



Zipline Assessment allows clients to see the real-time aggregate data from different front-line teams which make it easier for clients to see the performances of various teams. This helps clients to give extra care to low performing teams so as to increase the overall performances of teams. 


Knowledge Base:

Searching for any information in a company’s server is time consuming and difficult which makes many front-line teams looking for information may not find it in time or spend a long time to get the desired information making the action of searching for data or information very troublesome. Zipline knowledge base allows clients and their teams to quickly search the information they require by Zipline’s consumer-grade search. Zipline search allows clients to divide content into specific format which can help clients team search the required content from all files in the server. If specific format search is used to search information it will increase the efficiency of search.



Zipline has a media rich capability which allows clients and their team to make their resource library eye-catching. Clients and their team can add widgets and embed videos to their resource library to bring out the image of the brand.  


Reporting & Analytics:

The Zipline Reporting and Analytics Dashboard provide clients and their HQ teams with a clearer understanding of their stores and front-line teams. This visibility allows them to observe assigned tasks, track task completions, and identify message recipients.




Zipline real-time surveys allow clients and their HQ teams to gather feedback from different front-line teams and stores. Allowing them to know about everything from customer satisfaction to promotional effectiveness of their campaigns.



  1. It is easy to learn and use.
  2. It provides all the things required by retail executives to increase their efficiency.


  1. Group messaging function is less powerful than other specially used software like Slack.
  2. Clients have less administrative control over the accounts of managers.



Zipline is an Software-as-a-services that provides Retail Execution platform for retailers who have these needs. It allows them to increase the efficiency for retail execution and brand promotion for front-line teams. It provides great support to their customers from starting to the end of their journey with Zipline. 



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