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Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software that can be used by clients to promote their products through email marketing. It features are:-

  • Contact Management
  • Email Template Builder
  • SMS campaigns
  • Campaign Management
  • Automation


Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software that can be used by clients to promote their products through email marketing. It allows customization of messages, provides email templates, makes automated workflows, and gains real-time insights into campaign performance. It is produced by Zoho company. 


Contact Management:-

Zoho Campaigns allows clients to import contact into their inbuilt zoho contacts as it allows them to manage their contacts from a single palace. It also helps clients to remove duplicate contact, unsubscribes contract, and wrong contacts from the zoho contacts automatically allowing clients to easily manage their contact without worrying about having unwanted contacts in the zoho contracts that are used by clients to promote their products through email marketing. Zoho contacts are used by the clients to make their contact into different categories like marketing, non-marketing, or unsubscribed which allows them to market their products to right customers. 

Zoho Campaigns allows clients to sort out their contract on the basis of area of interest of the contracted person allowing them to better manage their contracts. This allows clients to have better control over their email marketing campaign and can send the right email to the right customers. Zoho Contact Scoring can be used by clients to give their email contact scores based on the level of responses that they had when receiving the emails. It allows clients to find high quality contacts that can be used by them to successfully promote their products to their customers. Zoho Campaigns allows clients to personalize their contact list which can save their time and allows them to give better services to their contact.  



Email Template Builder:-

Zoho campaigns come with a large number of pre-design templates for compact, banner, and long forms, which allows clients to create the email templates according to their requirements. Clients can completely customize the email template color, background and other things in the email using the Zoho campaigns email builder. Different templates can be created for different occasions and business according to client’s requirements. Clients can also import various html templates designed by their developer to email builders to create the email template that they want. It uses the drag and drop option provided by the Zoho campaigns to create various email templates without the need to have any knowledge about coding. 

Zoho campaigns can help clients to create email campaigns which are used by them to increase the relationship between them and their clients. Its preview and test function allow the clients to see the previews of the email made and clients can also send the test email to themself to see who the email will look like to their various customers allowing them to make changes to email campaigns. 


SMS campaigns:-

Zoho campaigns also has features which allows clients to use SMS campaigns with their email campaigns allowing them to provide better marketing campaigns which can attract more customers to their product promotions. Clients can use SMS campaigns to provide their customers with various offers and discounts, links to landing pages or important downloads. Clients can also allow customers to unsubscribe their SMS campaigns like anyone will unsubscribe through email campaigns. SMS campaigns allow clients to increase the promotion effect of their email marketing campaigns. Zoho campaigns allows clients to send SMS campaigns to different countries with appropriate sender IDs as per the regulations of various countries. 

Clients can use merge tags to make personalized SMS campaigns. It can also help clients to add emoji or various links to the SMS according to clients requirements. SMS campaigns provide a drag and drop feature that allows clients to make the SMS that they want. Zoho Campaigns allows clients to track their SMS and find the click rates and delivery rates to gauge the recipient interaction level.



Zoho Campaigns can make email campaigns automation allowing clients to make their email marketing campaigns automated. Clients can select the various contact information like name to be changed for each email using merge tags and make the whole process automated allowing a large number of emails to be made during marketing campaigns. Zoho Campaigns allows clients to make personalized email for their customers according to various conditions that they and their team members can find in zoho campaigns. Clients can make various personalized emails for their customers and automate them allowing them to give better services to their customers. It allows them to have better marketing campaigns. Getting the right trigger for various content allows clients to have better contact with their customers. With email marketing campaigns clients can send various types of Email and SMS to various people and make the whole process faster and better.


Campaign Management:-

Zoho campaign management features allows clients to manage their email and SMS campaigns more conventionally. It allows clients to make better judgment in their marketing campaigns. With campaign management features clients can make their process of marketing campaigns streamlined and easy. Clients can gather their team members in a single dashboard allowing them to manage their various campaigns more easily and collectively. Various different privileges can be given to different team members according to their work roles which make their work better. It also helps as they only need to do their work and have permission to make changes in their work. 

Clients can assign managers to check all the work of the team members which allows clients to give high quality marketing campaigns to their customers. Clients can make various schedules that allow them to send their email to their customers at the time when there is a high probability that they will be able to read them. Campaign management dashboard comes with template liberty which allows clients and their teammates to have a large number of templates to make their emails and SMS allowing them to give the best experiences to the customers. Zoho Campaigns allows clients to see all the campaigns that they have done on the same dashboard which allows clients to have better knowledge about their campaigns.



  1. Good user interface.
  2. Easy to use.


  1. Poor customer support
  2. It is difficult to get permission in the email list.



Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software that is used by businesses to do their email marketing. It is used by businesses for their email marketing. Zoho provides free services for up to 2000 contacts and has flexible cost after 2000 contacts. It provides dedicated IP for paid plans.



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