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Zoho Desk is an web based customer services platform that is used by clients to provide customer services to their customers, agents and any one else that want to enquire about the company’s products. It is an omnichannel software that can be used by clients to manage their customers’ services over email, phone, live chat, social media, or SMS text. Its built- in artificial intelligence system allows clients to automatically sort out various calls, chats with tags. This allows the right person to take the call and respond to customers. 


Ticket Management:-


Omnichannel Ticketing System:-

Zoho Desk comes with an omnichannel ticketing system that allows clients to provide customer support to their customers without considering the channel used by customers in a centralized way. Generally the main ways for the customers to contact the customers services is through email, social media, live chat, telephony, and web forms. Any company has more than one email address that they use for communication with their customers. Zoho Desk allows clients to gather all the email addresses in the single interface that can be used by clients to handle customer service emails across multiple email addresses. Social media has become an important battle field for the clients to make their brands have fame and popularity. Clients can gather all the posts posted by customers to seek customer services on various social media platforms. It allows them to gather various posts to replay them centrally. Clients can also add keyword alerts to not miss any important post. 

Live chat is an important way for various customers to contact the customer care services of the companies. It allows clients customer services to give their customers a targeted service. Live chat allows clients to better understand their customers’ requirements and provide better services to their customers. Zoho Desk comes with a telephony function which allows clients to use its cloud telephony to create their own telephone system providing better services to their customers. Clients can also log, record, and monitor these calls. Web forms are also an important part of any companies that want to give their customers better services. Zoho provides a customizable web form widget that can be embedded into their website. Customers can write their problem in detail and submit which will be sent to customer care staff allowing them to process the customers request as fast as possible. 


Instant Messaging Channel:-

There are many instant messaging platforms that are used by customers. Due to this, clients are required to have their presence on various instant messaging platforms. It allows customers to contact the companies with the messaging platform that they use. Zoho Desk comes with integration of various popular instant messaging platforms that allows clients to integrate various platforms into the Zoho unified console window. Clients and customer care employees can communicate with customers through the zoho window allowing them to provide various services through this zoho window. 


Companies can have many departments that customers need to contact to resolve their issue. Different departments need to handle different issues for customers and need different customer interfaces to provide customers with general answers to various problems that can arise during routine operation of software or products. Zoho Desk provides clients with a user interface that they can customize to provide their customers with unique services experiences. It can also be used by clients to manage their different brands from a single interface at the same time giving a unique experience to customers for each of the brands and their products.




Guided Conversations:-

Many times customers are contacting the customers care services because of some general problems. These problems can be easily solved if some customers are confused and want to talk to customer care representatives. It will waste time and money for clients. To avoid this problem Guided Conversations are used. Guided Conversations are pre build conversations between customers and bot provided by Zoho Desk. It uses prebuilt conversations to provide customers with servers that can solve their problem without talking to customer care representatives. This allows customers to solve the problem that is troubling them at any time.

Multi-Brand Help Center:-

Clients can use Zoho Desk to create a help center for their brand that provides customers with answers to various questions that they want to ask from customer care representatives. Zoho Desk can help clients create multiple help centers that they can use to provide customer services for different products from different brands. Clients can customize the help center according to their requirement. Zoho Desk comes with a security function that allows clients to decide who will be given access to the help center and how. Clients can make it open to the public or ask users to make an account for browsing the website. 

Clients can upload answers to various problems that may be faced by the users during the use of the products. Help centers can be mapped in the domain of clients brands which allows them to integrate the center to their brand website. Integrating with google analytic allows clients to know about the engagement levels of the users with the website.    




The Help Desk Essentials:-

Zoho Desk comes with some essential services that are recognized by customers to provide them with quality services. Service Level Agreements and Contracts helps customers as they determine the service level that they will receive when they need to communicate with the customer service representative. Clients can make priority lists which can be used to provide tickets with higher priority services first to resolve their needs and low priority tickets will be kept in the ticket line and provide services at a delayed pass. 

There are times when the ticket will not be able to be assigned to various customer care representatives as the new ticket has come before the old ticket is completed. Clients can also automate these tasks which allows him to send old tickets that have not expired to different agents to complete that ticket before they run out of time. Clients can Specify their working hours and provide them in their services level agreements which allows them to be applied accordingly. Zoho Desk comes with ticket tracking status that can be used by clients to provide various ticket status to check the ticket services of the customer care representative.


Ticket Assignment:-

Zoho Desk automation allows clients to provide various conditions under which they can automate ticket distribution allowing them to send tickets to those that have been determined. Zoho automation after determining who to send what will send various tickets to the right person. Clients can also ask the said person if there is a problem with any ticket at any time as all the ticket is recorded to who it is sent. 


  1. It has a very user-friendly user interface.
  2. It allows a high level of customization.
  3. It provides automation and multi-channel support.


  1. It has a learning curve when advanced features are learned.
  2. Some third party apps don’t support Zoho integration.



Zoho desk is a customer care help center that can be used by various clients to customize their help center and give their customers better customer care experiences. Clients can make different help centers for different brands that they have, allowing them to give their customers unique brand experiences. 



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