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Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting software that can be used by the clients to completely manage their expenses. Its features are as follow:-

  • Mileage tracking
  • Expense Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Expense Report Automation
  • Expense Report Management


Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting software that can be used by the clients to completely manage their expenses. It allows clients to automate their expenses recording and reporting. Clients can also use it to streamline the approval process and have more control over their expenditure. It is trusted and used by companies like Zomato, Puma, dotgo, inventia, Jumbotail, etc. 




Receipt Management:-

Zoho Expenses provide a function like scan that allows clients to scan various receipts and upload them to zoho expenses where the receipts will be sent to relevant departments allowing clients and their team members to report their expenses to the companies. Zoho expenses can scan receipts in 14 languages allowing clients and their team members to not worry about their receipts. It can also check clients and their team members’ various emails and automatically collects receipts like air ticket expenses, hotel expenses, or any other type of receipts that are received by the clients. 



Many times clients will take a photo of the receipts and upload them to their cloud storage which allows them to export their receipts to Zoho expenses. Zoho expenses support the bulk transfer of receipts form cloud storage and any other places giving the clients and their team members more time to deal with other things and not to waste their time in receipts. As they can provide receipts for the expense that they have made which allows them to have proof of expenditures. 



Expense Management:-

Zoho Expense comes with an expense management feature that allows clients and their team members to manage their expenses better. It allows clients and their employees to add the receipts in the local currency to Zoho expenses without facing any problem which is good for the business where employees need to travel frequently. Zoho Expenses come with features that allow clients to add per day allowances which can be provided to employees automatically when they travel. It can be based on the location where employees are going and they can also split expenses from the bill directly based on the number of employees traveling. Zoho expenses can help clients to automatically itemize various items in the recipes according to whether they can help companies in their tax. 



Mileage tracking:-

Many companies need their employees to travel to different places because of their work. Due to traveling far, employees need to be paid for the cost of travel which is generally called mileage cost as employees may need to use various modes of transportation to reach their destination. Zoho Expense provides mileage tracking features that allows clients to have full knowledge of how far their employees have traveled and how much is spent to travel that distance. Zoho Expense provides different ways which can be used by the clients employees to calculate their mileage. Employees can use their mobile phone GPS to track the distance that they have traveled which will allow them to save it and anyone that wants to check their mileage record can check them when needed. 



Employees can also write down the distance traveled by them in both miles or Kilometer. Zoho Expenses will calculate the cost according to what clients have given on mileage cost for per Km/Miles. But in this process employees can cheat or might not be able to calculate properly. Zoho Expenses also allows the use of point to point features which can be used by the employees to select their destination and starting point and zoho expense will provide the different routes that reach the employees destination allowing them to choose the route on which based zoho expenses will calculate the mileage cost. If any employees are taking office vehicles then clients can also calculate the mileage using the odometer of the vehicle.


Expense Reports:-

Expense Report Management:-

Zoho Expense features allows employees to automate the process of generating the expenses report name and number after employees have given the prefix. Clients can group relevant expenses types and can create groups where only reports that belong to certain types. This allows clients to group different types of reports allowing for better management of their business expenses. Zoho Expenses can also be used to create a compressive report where all the different expenses that are done during the trip can be added allowing them to create a report where all the expenses are reported. If the client’s company or organization provides their employees with advance cash then zoho expenses can also allow employees to add advances cash in their reports. Zoho Expense allows clients to download their reports in the form of a pdf on their computer, clients can also specify which fields are required to make the reports.



Expense Report Automation:-

Zoho Expenses can allow clients to automate various reports that they are making which can make their employees have more time to spend on their work because all of their expenses will be made into reports automatically and submitted. The report will be submitted to the assigned approver or according to flow designed by the clients. If the employees don’t have an assigned approver then they can not submit their reports automatically. Zoho expenses does not only have automation for creating and submitting various reports generated by the employees. It also allows clients to auto approve various reports submitted by the employees by setting various conditions. This process can save a lot of time for clients and their employees. 




Approving the vast amount of expenses reports, advance payment, or any other expenses require time for the approvers and they will not be able to do the work that they should do but will just approve various expenses in all their time in the company. Zoho expense comes with features that allows clients to make approval processes simplified. Clients can set up a type of hierarchy approval where zoho will send the approval request to the person who is responsible to approve the expense. All the approval requests can be seen in a single dashboard of zoho which can help clients to manage their expense approval better. It will give clients an overview of the whole process. Clients can also set up others as approval admin using the admin window allowing others to give approval when they are not in the companies.




  1. It provides AI enabled automation.
  2. It is an easy to use application.


  1. It is cloud based so if there’s a problem with internet connection it will fail.
  2. It has limited offline functionality. It should be able to make cloud drives based on wire LAN.



Zoho expense is an expense management software that can be used by the clients to manage their various expenses. It allows clients to automate their expense reporting, submitting and approval process. It is useful software for any companies who have need in this regard. Some small companies can just use its free version to manage their needs.



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