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Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an online meeting and webinar platform that are used by clients to conduct online audio or video meetings. It features are:-

  • Virtual Meeting Room
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Zoho video webinar platform


Zoho Meeting is an online meeting and webinar platform that are used by clients to conduct online audio or video meetings. It provides clients with complete services of various online meeting requirements. Zoho Meeting is trusted by companies like IIFL, CROWNBEES, PedlaysSolar, TAFE, Arctic Spas, etc.


Online Meetings:-

Audio Conferencing:-

Audio Conferencing is a remote communication technology that can be used to communicate between two or more individuals over the internet. Multiple individuals can collaborate with each other by using audio conferencing without requiring the physical presence. Zoho Meeting provides advanced audio conferencing technology that allows clients to use it to have better collaboration with their partners, colleagues or team members ensuring seamless collaboration in both professional and personal settings. 



Zoho Meeting can be used by clients to provide better communication with their partners. It can be used by clients and team members from any web browser; it does not matter if it is handheld devices, PCs, laptops, and workstations. Zoho meeting comes with a quick access meeting control panel that can be used by them to better manage their audio meetings. Zoho uses the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to provide better services to their clients. It also supports the recording of various meetings that are conducted using Zoho meetings. 


Zoho meeting provides two different types of audio conferencing which are point-to-point and Multi-point conferencing. In point-to-point conferencing there is an audio only connection between two different individuals from different locations, this type of conferencing allows two individuals to connect and collaborate over long distance through the internet. Multi-point conferencing is a connection between three or more people allowing them to collaborate with each other to get their work  done better.


Video Conferencing:-

Zoho Meeting provides clients with video conferencing services allowing them better collaborate with their team members and partners. Clients can use video conferencing features of zoho meetings to allow online collaboration within team members. Team members can use a desktop camera or any other camera to attend video conferencing. Face-to-face meetings allow team members to collaborate better with each other even when they are far away from each other in physical location. Zoho Meeting allows clients to have a large number of participants in their meeting, it supports 250 people to have meetings at the same time but only 50 people can be seen on the active screen.


Zoho Meeting provides a high quality encryption secure online video conferencing platform. Clients can use the encryption to share their documents, pdf, videos, audio and even their screen to their meeting members which allows people attending the meeting to better participate in the meeting. It also comes with chat features that allows different members to communicate with each other without disturbing the meeting. Zoho meeting is a web-based software that can be used by clients to attend the meetings directly from the browsers without any extra downloads. Clients can also record, replay, and share online meeting recordings with various participants according to their need. Recording helps in allowing participants to revisit the meeting video to clear their doubts about the work agreed upon during the meetings. Clients and various participants can use zoho whiteboard features to allow them to share their opinion with each other using whiteboards.


Zoho video webinar platform:-

Clients can use Zoho Video Webinar platform to conduct large scale events with zoho video and audio conferencing with screen sharing capability. Zoho Meeting has the capability to organize both audio and video conferencing ability. Clients can also record the webinar to watch it later, it can also be used by various people to watch in the recorded state. Zoho provides a better simplified control over the webinar allowing clients to better host their webinar. It can also host the webinar with multiple feeds which can be used to give a better webinar to the people. Clients can also customize various online events and embed their links on their website which give more authenticity to the webinar hosted by the clients. Customization of links for email is also possible on the basis of targeting a specific audience in their emails.


Virtual Meeting Room:-

Clients can make virtual meeting rooms which allows them to create physical meeting rooms into powerful connectivity hubs. It allows clients and team members to join the meeting with other people from around the globe using the zoho video conferencing system. Clients and their team members can share their ideas with each other allowing them to have better discussions and promote the work better. Zoho virtual meeting rooms have full sets of equipment that are required by them to provide clients with hand free virtual meeting experiences. It also comes with a meeting controller that allows clients to make use of it to manage the virtual meeting room.



Screen sharing:-

Zoho screen sharing features allows clients to share their screen with more than one person at the same time allowing them to have better functionality. Its web-based screen sharing protocol which allows clients to better collaborate with each other and use it to conduct training with their team members around the globe using screen sharing. Zoho screen sharing can be used by clients for both webinar and online meetings. Clients can share the entire screen or an application that they want to show to others using Zoho screen sharing system. When clients share only applications other than application no other things like will be shown to others which allows clients to share their screen with better privacy.



Zoho screen sharing features use encryptions to protect the presenter’s. Zoho uses WebRTC and uses DTLS-SRTP encryption at the presenter’s end and TLS 1.2 protocol at the participants end. Screen sharing can be recorded with audio by the organizer of the meeting allowing them to share the meeting recordings with those that require them. It is browser based which allows for better accessibility. Clients and their team members can collaborate with each other using the screen sharing features of zoho which allows for better collaboration between team members even if they are in different places. Zoho also supports the screen sharing features in android and IOs devices allowing people to use their mobile phone to communicate with others during meetings. 



  1. It has a user-friendly interface.
  2. It has good video quality and pricing.


  1. If the internet speed is slow or not constant then it can make connections unstable.
  2. When there are many participants in the meeting audio glitches can happen due to internet connection of any member.




Zoho Meeting is an online meeting platform that allows clients and their team members to participate in various meetings from their digital internet devices allowing them to have better collaboration with their partners and team members spread across the global market.



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