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Zoho Recruit is an application tracking system and type of CRM that collects all the data required by the clients regarding their applicants into a single single system and provides the clients when required. Zoho Recruit is a product provided by Zoho which can be used by various clients to Recruit their employees online. It can increase the efficiency of the human resources department which recruits workers for any companies or of clients that will use Zoho Recruit to hire people for their teams. 


Source & Attract:-

Candidate Sourcing:-

Zoho Recruits comes with a candidate sourcing feature that means to select potential candidates for the job that clients want to recruit. It allows clients to select better candidates from a group of candidates that have applied for the job or have searched for their profiles from many different recruitment websites. Zoho recruits not only provides clients with quality talents but also provides various tools that can make the recruitment process more smoothly. 



To get large number of applicants pool for the companies to recruits people from, clients need to set up their career page for their companies which allows applicants to apply for the job on the career page allowing them to give their resume and tell about themselves which can greatly increase the efficacy of the clients to select different candidates for the job from the list of candidates available. Zoho Recruits provides an SEO friendly page to clients which will not affect the clients website SEO rating allowing them to upload the page with peace of mind. It is also mobile friendly which can allow more recruits to upload their resume as more people will use mobile rather than laptop to browse the internet. Career page also comes with a candidates portal which can be used by clients to ask the candidates about himself, it can give clients more understanding about the candidates.



There are many different types of websites that can be used by clients to post about their companies requirements to reach a large number of candidates. With Zoho, clients do not need to post on different websites again and again but only one post can be shared on all of the different websites which can make clients work more easily. Nowadays social media websites are also a good place to recruit candidates and candidates can apply using linkedin or google jobs and clients will be able to import their data into Zoho Recruit. 


Career site management:-

Career websites are an important part of Zoho Recruit as it allows clients to gather a large number of candidates’ resumes for them to choose which allows them to have the right candidate for the job that they require. With Zoho Recruit it is easy for clients to customize their career webpage. Zoho provides drop and drag function and themes that allows clients to customize the webpage according to requirements. It can also be used to reflect their brands on the career webpage which allows candidates who want to join the companies to know more about them.



Clients can create a webpage for the career page or directly embed it into their website page. Clients can embed application form or information form into their website which can be used by the candidate when they want to apply for the job at the clients company. Zoho Recruit provides an SEO friendly page which will not affect the site website and will allow applicants to easily find the clients career webpage. Its customizable form allows clients to add and remove fields that they want and divide application form into different categories related to different recruitment requirements. Zoho also supports more than 25 languages which can be used by clients to give localized experiences to the recruits. It is also made mobile friendly which can bring more benefits to the clients.



Track & Engage:-

Resume management:-

Recruiters need to shuffle through a large number of resumes from candidates which make the work of recruiting more hard than it needs to be. Zoho resume management helps client recruiters to better manage the resume they receive which allows them to increase their speed of selecting recruits for an interview. Zoho Recruit’s resume parser can be used by clients to standardize the recruits details and map various details which can allow recruiters to differentiate between different candidates based on the position that they are applying for. It can also automatically save the data into a recruit candidate database which can be retrieved when needed by the recruiters.



Zoho comes with Resume Extractor which can be used in google chrome to allow clients to extract the candidate data from various websites and populate the candidate resume allowing recruiters to have a large number of candidates to select from. From the recruiters that are hired by others to find recruits for their companies or who do these jobs of recruiting professionally they can use zoho to modify the various details in the candidate resume which allows them to get their work done faster. Zoho can parse the candidate data that the recruiter has received in their email automatically which will reduce the burden of the recruiters to manage the email and focus on their clients and business email while disregarding the email from applicatents. Zoho provides three different modes for parsing mode which can be used by clients according to their needs.



Video Interviews:-

Zoho Recruit provides video interview services to their clients. It can be used by them to make their interview experiences better and recruit applicants faster. Zoho provides two different types of video interviews which can be used to make them faster and better with less time wanted of both candidate and recruiter. One of them is to ask candidates to answer a video where clients and the recruiter have made the question which needed to be answered by the candidate to allow them to pass the first level of the screening. It can be paused and candidates can answer the question from any location that they feel comfortable with as it also supports mobile devices.   



Recruiters can gather more videos and send them to clients who have asked them to recurites candidates or it can be forwarded to the department in the companies that want to recruit people for determining who to pass and reject. Zoho Live video features can be used by the clients to conduct video interviews with the candidates as it allows candidates to have the video interviews form the mobile devices which can reduce the traveling cost of the candidates and other additional cost for the clients will also be reduced when using Zoho recruit. As it is a digitized process from searching for candidates to live interview clients can basically judge who they want to invite for face-to-face interviews or to sign the contract. Companies can also directly hire candidates after live interviews as they have all the data required to make those judgments.



  1. It provides one stop setup for any recruitments needed. 
  2. It has a good user interface.


  1. Some fields in the career page are defaulted and need to ask support for changing them.
  2. Different apps under Zoho one can not be integrated with each other.



Zoho recruit is a product that is provided by zoho which can be used by recruiters and clients to make their recruitment process faster and easier. It allows clients to save a large cost in their recruitment budgets. 



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