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Zoho Social

Zoho Desk is an web based customer services platform that is used by clients to provide customer service to their customers. Its features are:-

  • Ticket Management
  • Automation
  • Extensibility
  • Customization


Zoho social is a comprehensive social media management tool from Zoho. It is a web based platform that allows clients to manage their social media accounts and help brands grow their presences on various social media platforms. It can help clients to  schedule posts, create custom dashboard, monitor posts, etc to help clients better manage their social media accounts and increase social media presences.



For brands publishing their post on various social media platforms is a challenging task as there are many social media websites and brands need to post on various platforms at the same time so that content won’t become outdated. Zoho Social can help clients to set up and manage their social media accounts for their brands. Clients can manage multiple accounts from the single dashboard allowing them to have knowledge of various posts that they want to post from the single dashboard. 

Zoho Social allows clients to schedule their posts to publish them when they want. Clients can also customize the post according to different social media platform requirements. Zoho Social comes with a built-in calendar that records all the details about the timing of various posts that clients want to upload to various social media platforms. Clients can change the post schedule by using the calendar with just drag and drop action. 

Its built-in draft allows clients’ employees to create drafts for the post that they want to upload and save them for later use. Or employees can also ask their teammates to discuss the daft post that they have saved before. This allows employees to communicate with each other in the same workspace allowing them to give better performance. 


Scheduling when the post will be uploaded is an important activity that can increase the number of engagement that uploaded post could have. As when the time is right to upload the post there will be a large number of users that are active and will see the post uploaded by the clients. Zoho Social comes with SmartQ features that will automatically determine the right time for uploading the post according to the previous uploaded post. SmartQ will give a few time slots that can be used by clients to upload their post and get better engagement results. 

Brands and companies have evergreen posts that were made by them. These types of evergreen posts can be reposted after a few weeks or a month allowing them to attract the attention of various customers towards the brands and companies. Zoho Social also allows clients to schedule their RSS feed. It also allows clients to manage their schedule post from a central dashboard which can greatly increase the efficiency of clients. The central dashboard allows clients to see when the post is scheduled to be uploaded, content of the post , who is the publisher of the post and approval status of the post. This allows clients to gather all the information from a single window. Clients can export the post in the form of CSV which can be used to share it with their clients.   

Zoho Social allows the clients to upload their post in bulk with various scheduling times allowing them to upload their post when they want.   



Zoho Social comes with social media monitoring software that allows clients to monitor the various activity of the brands hashtag, monitor keyword, and products reviews.


Live Stream:-

Zoho social provides a centralized dashboard that can be used by clients to monitor their followers for various social media platforms. Through Zoho live stream clients can track their followers’ social media posts that they have posted in reply to the clients post. Engagement from various social media platforms can be gathered in a single dashboard allowing clients to see the various comments that have been posted by the brands followers. Through Zoho Social clients can find which followers are better engaged with their brands and repost a reply to them increasing the engagement between the clients and their customers. When clients meet an interesting comment they can discuss it with their team on how to respond to their post before replying.  


Monitoring columns:-

Zoho Social contains monitoring columns that allows clients to monitor various conversations through the single dashboard. Clients can set buzzwords and keywords that they want to monitor. Monitor column will gather all the posts containing various buzzwords and keywords to the Zoho Social dashboard allowing clients to monitor them for a single place. It can be used to build a list of competitor brands and influences to find what they are doing for the first time. It allows them to give better responses to their competitors in a timely manner. It provides in-depth tracking of various hashtags, page reviews, users profiles, etc. 

Message Inbox:-

Zoho Social Message inbox allows clients to gather all the messages that they have received from various social media platforms into a single dashboard. It allows for convenient management of various messages received from customers. Clients can also reply to customers’ messages through the dashboard in real-time. It can also help clients to gather and manage contact details of customers like the email, phone number, website. And with the integration of Zoho Desk clients can send any conversation in the form of a ticket to customer care employees.



Zoho Social collaboration features allows clients employees to work with each other to upload their work on various social media platforms. It gives large control of the clients who can give different permission levels to different employees according to their work needs. Different levels of permission will allow them to better prepare their work as they know what they can do and what not to do. If employees have a new post then they can ask their team members to check and point to the correction for the post. Clients can also give approval to various posts from the single dashboard.



Zoho Social comes with its own analytics features that can monitor various happenings that are going on into various social media platforms and provide insightful reports to clients on various social media platforms. It helps clients to better understand their audiences and provides various information that can be helpful for clients to better engage them as their brand customers. Clients can help track the various performance of their brands on social media platforms. 



  1. It has a very good user interface.
  2. It provides various functionality that can be used easily by users.


  1. It has bad customer support.
  2. Clients can not easily customize image and video size.



Zoho Social is a social media platform management system that allows clients to manage their brands social media accounts through a single dashboard. It is a low cost software that can be used by any type of business from startup to large enterprise.



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