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Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is an online survey and questionnaire creation application that helps clients to make different types of surveys according to their requirements. Its various features are:-

  • Create Surveys
  • Create Questionnaires
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Secure Surveys
  • Personalize Survey


Zoho Survey is an online survey and questionnaire creation application that uses drag and drop features to create various types of questionnaires. Clients can use them to create any type of questionnaire according to their requirements. It is top-rated in the survey software category in various review platforms. It is trusted by the companies like HotStare, Sea  World, H&M, Pidilite, Royal Enfield, Asianpaints, etc.


Create Surveys:-

There are different types of surveys that can be created. Surveys are created by various clients to get the opinion of various people regarding different types of products that they produce. Or opinion from people regarding their new products. It can also be used to ask people about their opinion on various different topics. Zoho Survey has the features of drag and drop that can be used by the clients to create various types of questionnaires that can be used to get answers to various different answers required. It also has the features that allows clients to send their questionnaires using mails to various people. 


Create Questionnaires:-

Zoho Survey is a questionnaire application that can be used by the clients to make various different types of questionnaires. To start making questionnaires, clients need to have a clear direction of their goal. Zoho survey comes with various different types of questionnaires templates that allows clients to make the questionnaires that they want to make. They can either directly use different templates to make their questionnaires or create their own questionnaires from different templates. To most effectively create questionnaires clients need to understand what to ask and what not to ask in their questionnaires. Clients need to avoid using any type of leading language in the questionnaires as it leads to customers or people to answer the question in a specific way.



Clients need to make their question easy to understand and should not have two different questions as one in the questionnaires, as it not only affects the respondent it will also affect clients to get best out of the questionnaires. We can add a comment area  below the various questionnaires where customers or respondents can view various checks for their business. Any questionnaires that are two lengthy are not suitable as the respondent will not answer the questionnaire because it takes too long to answer the questions. According to Zoho Survey the most important point to write the various question is to follow the languages some of the points are:-

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Be specific and to-the-point.
  • Avoid jargon and technical terminologies.
  • Keep the language simple and straightforward.
  • Use an active voice.
  • Use polite tone in your questions.
  • Watch your grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Use the five W’s (what, who, where, which, and when) and one H (how).
  • Avoid ambiguous and vague language.
  • Keep your questions gender neutral.


Multilingual surveys:-

There are many different languages in the world and companies are doing business in different countries and they may have their own local language that they use to communicate with each other. So if the clients create the survey in a single language then it may be difficult for many people to take that survey making clients lose a large number of people who can take that survey. They will also lose the market of these people. To overcome these problems, clients can use different languages to create new surveys for people with different languages or the created survey can be translated to different languages. Clients can use different language surveys to take the opinion of a vast number of people and can target those people more effectively with their marketing strategy and products which will increase the sales of the client’s products and services.  



With surveys in a large number of the languages, clients can engage a wide range of respondents and using local language will make respondents feel valued and included. By having a large number of languages, clients can promote inclusivity giving respondents from different regions feel valued and promote clients’ brands in different regions. It will allow brands to collect the data that they can use to increase the brands performance in various regions. With the use of local language in the survey the respondent will feel the survey is more personalized and will give them a user-friendly experience. And by collecting the data in local language clients can remove translation error or any misunderstanding that may occur when the respondent has less command on the language that clients have given the survey in. 


Secure Surveys:-

There are times when the survey that clients want to conduct is for a special group of people like the members of certain clubs, students of specific schools, like only for people from the company, etc. To do that clients need to make surveys with passwords so that only people that have passwords can open the survey questionnaires and answer them. Clients can also set various types of restriction on the survey questionnaires like it can be answered only one time from a certain IP address or any other restriction that clients want to set up. Or clients can also make unique URLs which can only be accessed one time. Clients can also add CAPTCHA to their survey which can prevent them from getting automated responses. Zoho Survey comes with SSL protection. 



Personalize Survey:-

Zoho Survey also provides clients with the ability to personalize their survey they want to. It can help them to create a customized survey where they can change the next question based on the answers provided by the respondent. Clients can fully customize their survey from changing its color code to changing other elements in the themes provided by the Zoho Survey. With the help of Zoho Campaigns integration clients can also customize their email. It also provides auto-fill features that allows respondents to quickly give answers to the clients questions, it helps in increasing the number of questions that the respondent can answer at the same time. Clients can also change the last page of the survey allowing them to promote their brands or products. Zoho Survey can also provide each respondent a custom page according to clients requirements.  




  1. Mobile users can also use it.
  2. Provide higher quality of features than other software in the same segments. 


  1. It is more pricey than its peers in the same categories.
  2. Limitations on the account level settings and structure.



Zoho Survey is an online survey and questionnaire creation application that can be used by clients to make any kind of survey and questionnaire allowing them to give better surveys to their respondents which can allow them to collect more and precious data that they require and promote their brands or products at the same time if they want. 



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