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Zoho Workplace is a collection of workplace software that can be used by clients to increase the productivity of their workplaces employees. It provides various software that are generally used by employees during their work. Employees can customize their software as they want to increase the personalization of the software provided. 


All-in-one dashboard:-

Zoho Workplaces can be used by the clients and their employees to increase the productivity of their workforces. It integrates various software used in workplaces in a single dashboard. It integrates software like mail, chat, docs, calls, and tasks into a single Zoho Workplaces Dashboard. All the integrated software can be customized by the clients to provide better services to the clients and their employees in their pursuit of personalization.    


Zoho Workplaces integrated various software provided by them into a single dashboard where the clients and employees can manage various software to increase their productivity. Zoho Workplace allows users to customize their dashboard layout, add a widget from the existing one or create a widget according to their needs. 


Zoho Workplace allows their dashboard containing various software to update their data in real-time allowing different employees to collaborate and work together. Integration of various software in a single dashboard does not cause lag in various software and can be used in real-time. Clients and employees can see various notifications from different widgets directly from the dashboard. Notification can be enabled for a specific app or all apps and also disabled when required by the clients. Only a single profile is needed by the employees to navigate between various apps allowing users to have higher working efficiency as they don’t have to input their profiles for each app separately. 


Due to various apps in a single dashboard in Zoho Workspace, clients and employees can easily share data from various apps to their team members or their superiors. It can help in sending the finished reports or work to different people according to the needs of various employees. It allows them to collaborate with their team members to better complete their assigned work which can be used by them to increase their productivity. 


Zoho Workplace provides clients with the option to change the themes of their dashboard allowing them to personalize their dashboard. It provides various options that can be used by the clients to select their themes. Zoho Workplace provides more than 40 languages support for their apps allowing users of various different languages to use the apps in their local language according to their preferences. As it integrates various apps in a single dashboard, it can also provide them with integrated notification.

Team Productivity:-

Zoho Workplace is an ecosystem that has integrated various business applications that are used by businesses to increase their productivity. With the integration of various business applications in one dashboard, Zoho Workplace allows clients to get their work done in the single dashboard which allows clients to increase their productivity. It comes with various types of applications like email, file management, chat, spreadsheet, wordprocess, presentation, social intranet, online meeting and calendars.


Zoho Workplace has lots of applications that are integrated into one dashboard which allows teams to increase their productivity as they don’t have to search for different apps when needed. By having all the applications integrated into a single dashboard it allows team members not to open different applications for any work and they can work from a single dashboard. 


Zoho Workplace comes with Taz built in bot of Zoho workplace which can notify the clients when any file and documents are shared with them. It comes with built-in calendars which can be used by the clients to manage their meetings and various appointments. Zoho Workplaces has customized email services that provide user friendly interfaces which can be used by them to better and easily manage their emails. Its chat function can slo be used between various team members when required by them to discuss any topics that they deemed necessary. 


Zoho Workplace comes with a status availability function that will show other team members and manager what are you doing at the movement and if you are available. It will show status according to what is written in the calendar. That is if you have a meeting then the status will automatically be set to at the meeting and notification will also be made silent which will not disturbed during the meeting with calls and msg. Clients and various team members can also set up their work status according to their requirements. 


Remote Workplace:-

Nowadays many companies have employees that do their job from work from home. Zoho workplace provides clients and their team members with complete solutions for their work. With zoho, workplace clients and their team members can do their work from any laptop and computer that have an internet connection allowing them to have better work experiences and increase their productivity. 


Zoho workplace comes with an integrated online meeting application that allows clients and their team members to conduct online meetings. With its own integrated calendar clients and team members can easily arrange their meetings and get reminder from Taz the zoho workplace bot allowing them to always remember about their meetings. Its chat function allows clients and their team members to talk to each other more conveniently and collaborate with each other. It also provides them with audio and video calling functions which can enhance collaboration between different team members allowing to increase the productivity of the team members. Clients can use the chat function to have personal chats with their employees or make groups where a large number of team members can gather and discuss with each other regarding any collaboration work that they are doing.  


Zoho Workplaces comes with WorkDrive which allows clients and their employees to store their files on zoho workplaces allowing them to retrieve their files from any place through internet connection and laptop. It also allows easy collaboration between various departments in the business and partners as the files can be shared through the WorkDrive.  



  1. Zoho Writer can provide grammar errors and readability issues solutions.
  2. It has a good user interface.


  1. Its free version might have a glitch when using it.
  2. It can not integrate with other Zoho products.



Zoho Workspace is a part of Zoho products which can be used by clients to replace their office tools that they use with Zoho Workplaces. It provides complete integration of various applications that are required to do any basic office work. Clients can remove the various applications that are used by them, for one Zoho Workspace allowing them to do the work required by various applications in the single application.



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