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E-Commerce Personalization solutions

What is E-Commerce Personalization software?

E-Commerce Personalization software is used by users to create personalized experiences for the customers that come to their online e-commerces shop. Personalization for customers can be based on various items from the users. It can use users’ past purchase record, browsing behavior, geographic location, language and other personal information. It can also be used to capture real-time behavior of users to give them product recommendations.

How to compare different E-Commerce Personalization software?

“Targeting”, “User Data”, and “Content” are the top three factors that positively impact user satisfaction for E-Commerce Personalization software. These factors can be used to determine differences between various E-Commerce Personalization software.


8.7 out of 10 on average

User Data

8.5 out of 10 on average


8.4 out of 10 on average
  • Proappslab


    Nosto is an online e-commerce experiences platform that helps you to collect your users' likes and dislikes. It helps you to make recommendations in real time to your customer.
    • Dashboard & Analytics 
    • Segmentation & Insights
    • Category Merchandising
    • Product Recommendations
    • Content Personalization
    • Personalized Emails
  • Clerk.io

    Clerk.io is an ecommerce personalization platform which helps ecommerce websites to analyze behavior, trends, transition history to optimize search results. Some of tools used are :-  
    • Customer Data Platform
    • Customer Insight
    • Merchandising 
    • GDPR compliance
  • Proappslab

    Active Campaign

    Active Campaign is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service that provides customer experience automation software that can be used by clients to provide better personalized care for their customers. Its features are:-
    • Marketing Automation
    • Email Marketing
    • Sales Automation
    • Sales Engagement
    • Personalization

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What is e-commerce personalization?

It is the process of creating, personal interaction with customers, experiences, for online customers. It totally depends on the previous purchase of the customer, feedback, languages, other personal information, etc. It also pays attention to real-time data of users to give them timely feedback.

What is personalization and customization in e-commerce?

Clients can use personalization technology to give customers better services and Customization is more focused on products itself.

Why is personalization important in e-commerce?

Personalization can help users to increase the customers loyalty, customers satisfaction, and develop competitive advantage over their revivals. It also helps in increasing the rate of conversion, drive sales, and increase engagement.

What are personalization features?

E-Commerce Personalization can refer to creating a personalized environment for the users with the aim to increase the  personal interactions and experiences for customers online.