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Best Text Editor Software

What is Text Editor Software?

Text Editor software is a type of software that can be used by users to edit various types of text files. Different types of text editors can be used to edit different types of text files. Text editors like Visual Studio code, notepad++ can be used by programmers to edit plain text source code of various programs and websites. There are also text editors like WordPress, notepad that can be used to edit plain text.

How to compare the difference between various Text Editor Software?

“Extensibility”, “Syntax highlighting”, and “Code folding” are the main factors that affect the users satisfaction for any type of Text Editors software and can be used to differentiate between different types of Text Editor Software.


8.7 out of 10 on average

Syntax highlighting

8.5 out of 10 on average

Code folding

8.4 out of 10 on average
  • Proappslab


    Canva is a graphical design platform that helps clients in creating graphical media. It has the following features:-
    • Curved text generator
    • Shape & Clip Art
    • Drag & Drop Editing
    • Add frames to photos
    • Color palette generator

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What does text editing explain?

It is the ability of the text editor software to change text by adding, deleting, rearranging words, sentences and paragraphs. It is the basics of any type of text editing software.

What is the importance of text editing?

Text editing is an important step for any writing process as it can help users to manage any and all text that they want to write or edit. Text editing can help users to edit and modify the text that they have already written.

Who created the text editor?

The first text editor was created by Ken Thompson in August 1969 on a PDP-7 at AT&T Bell Labs.

What are the two types of text editor?

Two types of text editors are:-

  • Plain Text Editor
  • Rich Text Editor