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Product Information Management Solutions

What is Product Information Management?

Products Information Management system gather, manage and enrich the products information for the business in a single place which allows business to create a product catalog and disturbed it to their sales and ecommerces channels. This allows business to manage a large number of products centrally and easily.

How to compare differences between Product Information Management?

“Publication”, “Compliance”, and “Data Quality” are the factors that affect the user satisfaction for Product Information Management (PIM) products. These factors can be used to determine the difference between different Product Information Management software.


8.7 out of 10 on average


8.5 out of 10 on average

Data Quality

8.4 out of 10 on average
  • Proappslab

    Plytix PIM

    Plytix PIM is Software-as-a-Services that provide users with Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management service. It has the following features:-
    • Custom Reports and Dashboards
    • Performance and Reliability
    • API / Integrations
    • Localization
    • Access Rights
    • E-Commerce
  • Akeneo PIM

    It is a Product Information Management System that provides clients with the way to manage their products and catalogs. Its features are:
    • Automate Manual Tasks
    • Manage Digital Assets
    • Be Truly Omnichannel
    • Optimize for Data Quality
    • Govern your Data
  • Proappslab

    Syndigo, The Active Content Engine

    Syndigo is a cloud-based content management platform that can be used to access product details and digital assets in real-time. Its features are:-
    • Create and Ingest Great Content
    • Manage and Govern High-Quality Data
    • Build Engaging Customer Experiences
    • Optimize Product Content Using Analytics
    • Manage and Govern High-Quality Data
  • Proappslab

    PIM works

    PIM Works is an product Information and Content Lifecycle management software that provides clients with complete management for their products. Its features:
    • Increased data accuracy
    • Simplified Workflow Management
    • Automated data Enrichment
    • OmniChannel Experiences
    • Digital Self Analytic
  • Proappslab

    Widen Collective

    Widen Collective Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that provides Business with tools to manage and distribute their assets to teams and channels. It has following features :- 
    • Organizational Interface
    • Import/Export Data
    • File Transformation
    • Digital Rights Management
    • Workflow Management
  • Proappslab


    Salsify is a product experiences management platform that can be used by clients to provide customers with product experiences that they want allowing them to better serve their customers. Its features are:-
    • Centralize
    • Connect
    • Automate
    • Drive Growth
  • Proappslab

    Sales Layer PIM

    Sales Layer PIM is a cloud-based product information management that can be used by clients to collect consolidated product data from multiple sources like software and documents. Its features are:-
    • Analytics
    • Instant Catalogs
    • Multi-channel
    • Single Dashboard

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What is product information management used for?

Product information management system helps businesses to centralize their products catalog and manage it in a centralized manner. It streamlines the process of updating the products catalog and managing the product information for multichannel sales.

What does a PIM specialist do?

Product Information Management system Specialist is a part of a team that is responsible for  driving a structured approach to the collection, maintenance, and syndication of master product data through the PIM system.

Who needs PIM?

Any business that has a large number of products and sells through various sales channels requires a product information management system which can be used by them to manage all their products in a centralized manner.

What are the activities involved in PIM?

Product information management systems can be used by clients to consolidate, manage and enrich product information in a centralized repository and distribute consistent product information to every customer touchpoint.