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Airhouse is a new platform that helps e-commerce through a network of high-quality warehouse and shipping centers.

  • Fulfillment software and service
  • Managed Warehouse network
  • Operation Reporting and data center


Airhouse is a end-to-end fulfillment solution that was founded in 2018 in San Francisco, California by Kevin Gibbon, and Sarah Siwak. Its founding purpose was to make shipping easy for retailers by taking goods directly from the factory to the warehouse and shipping it to consumers when getting orders. It provides all-around services to customers, providing them with peace of mind regarding their stored products. Customers can change the location of supplies from one warehouse to another to achieve proper distribution of stocks.

Brands using Airhouse to achieve their warehousing needs are Temper, WILE, Hangry Woof, Magic Mind, bask, etc.


Modern Fulfillment Services:

Fulfillment Services eliminate the concern for customers and online retailers regarding the supplies they’ve ordered from the production center. These services entail the pickup of supplies by fulfillment providers, who subsequently store them in their warehouse until they’re required by retailers for shipping. The comprehensive process, including picking, inspection, and dispatch to consumers, falls under the purview of fulfillment services. Furthermore, the reception of products from consumers, often due to product returns, is also managed by fulfillment services, regardless of the reason for the return.


airhouse - Shipping Estimator


Airhouse comes with a shipping estimator that can help Retailers / Customers to calculate the cost of shipping required for a particular product and can help determine the total cost required by consumers to receive the product.

Airhouse has 5-star teams that can with the help of Airhouse account management try to provide 5-star services to customers helping them manage their inventory. With Airhouse you can connect your store with its services in less than a week without doing anything extra.

In Airhouse it does not require any work from your side after setting the preference in your Airhouse dashboard setting from picking up your products from the factory to storing your supplies in a warehouse and then sending it to your customers is all done by Airhouse, it even helps in return of product from your customers. Airhouse provides custom packaging for your products. 


Managed Warehouse Networks:

Airhouse has a large network of warehouses from which customers can choose which warehouse they need to send their supplies on the basis of their customer’s locations. With Airhouse, you can be confident that your supplies are secure and ready for dispatch at the necessary times and locations. Upon joining Airhouse, you can swiftly begin sending products to customers within a week of launching your online shop. This applies to businesses of all sizes, even large-scale enterprises can rapidly initiate their operations with Airhouse.

Airhouse functions as a Multi-warehousing platform, supporting the storage of clients’ products across various locations. This capability proves advantageous when clients need to dispatch products to diverse destinations for their customers. By sending products from the nearest warehouse, clients can curtail shipping costs and expedite deliveries, thus reducing their overall expenditure.

Clients gain the ability to monitor their inventory across different warehouses directly from their Airhouse dashboard. This feature allows them to ascertain locations with high demand for their products. Additionally, clients can transfer their products between various warehouses if one location faces shortages while another has ample supply. This strategic approach empowers clients to optimize their inventory and maximize product availability.


airhouse - inventory chart


With Airhouse you only need to care about providing good services to your customer. All the shipping work is done by Airhouse including returning goods from customers. Airhouse provides shipping services for B2C, B2B, D2C, etc.   


Optimize the performance:

In Airhouse clients get a real-time update on the status of their order which can help them in managing orders and their inventory allowing them to make arrangements for inventory according to their needs. Airhouse delivers personalized experiences for B2B, B2C, and D2C for clients by which they can provide goods of different types. Customers can choose according to customer needs and increase their business in different fields gaining business growth.


airhouse - order chart


Airhouse has transparent billing costs that can help the client to calculate their cost of product. It also helps them to know the amount of profit they have generated in single sales. It aids in restocking clients’ goods by streamlining the process: clients simply place an order. Airhouse will pick up the products, delivering them to the warehouse. Access to real-time data empowers clients to make informed decisions about when, how, and whether restocking their products is necessary.



  1. It provides all-around services for products which can remove our worries about products. 
  2. It provides real-time services for various data in the dashboard.


  1. We can not directly make changes in order if there is a mistake in filling out the address or name etc.
  2. If we could customize our packaging in real-time for events it would be better.


It is a good service product that can help retailers who sell their products online to expand their business without warehousing and shipping costs.



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