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Nosto is an online e-commerce experiences platform that helps you to collect your users’ likes and dislikes. It helps you to make recommendations in real time to your customer.

  • Dashboard & Analytics 
  • Segmentation & Insights
  • Category Merchandising
  • Product Recommendations
  • Content Personalization
  • Personalized Emails


Nosto is a E-commerce personalization platform that helps clients to develop their online stores and deliver their customers with personalized experiences. It was founded in 2011 by Juha Valvanne, Antti Pöyhönen and Jani Luostarinen in Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland. It is trusted by companies such as Billabong, Chubbis, Volcom, Everlast, HUF etc.

Insights and Optimization


Dashboard & Analytics:  

Nosto provides clients with a dashboard with analytics function allowing clients to view their online store performance in a single platform. It gathers all the data from clients’ online store and provides it in a single platform in a way that is understandable and actionable by clients. With Nasto dashboard and analytic function clients can see their stores macro and micro performance in a single panel allowing clients to understand how their store is operating and what decisions are required to increase the growth of the business.

Nosto allows clients to keep track of their store from a single dashboard and it can also keep tabs on the marketing campaign launched by clients to increase their performance and tell the clients how their specific campaigns are performing. It allows clients to assess how their campaigns are performing by collecting specific metrics and data to see the changes brought by these specific campaigns. 


Segmentation & Insights:

Nosto provides clients with segmentation of customers into different categories. It help clients and  provides insight into the requirements of different customer segments allowing clients to provide more targeted services to customers. It combines various data on customers and builds profiles for each customer.  So that clients can see if a customer is a loyal customer or came for the first time in the store. It also has data of customers’ past transitions, allowing clients to give targeted services to their customers.

Clients leverage Nosto’s segmentation and insights to deliver tailored and personalized experiences to customers. Through their marketing content. Allowing customers to see what they require or like according to their past transition and experiences which increase the revenue of store and users stickiness. 


Catalog Explorer:

Nosto’s catalog explorer furnishes clients with a comprehensive overview of their products and their respective performances. Clients can utilize this tool to make informed decisions and accelerate their growth. Clients can make decisions based on data acquired by catalog explorers to give various promotional activities to customers so that their stock is always up-to-date. Allowing clients to increase their brand value and provide customers with a good experience. Nosto catalog explorer allows the clients to see the various product performance in real-time helping them in making strategic decisions.    

With catalog explorer clients can see if their promotion activity is going well or which product is performing better and which is not selling well allowing clients to have full control over their products. It also has the capability to predict when products are nearing the out-of-stock status, allowing timely restocking to prevent customer loss resulting from unavailability. This proactive approach safeguards the store’s and brand’s reputation from the negative impact of out-of-stock products.


A/B Testing & Optimization:

Clients can use Nosto A/B testing to divide the products into different pages according to need. And test which sales strategy is better to increase the revenue of the store. It also allows clients to transfer the customer to a better page to increase the clients brand growth.

Clients can segment the customers into different categories based on lifecycle, gender, brand affinity, and more. Allowing them to give personalized experiences to each category of customer and thereby increase the brand popularity of the store.

Nosto A/B testing allows clients to make a large number of pages with many variables to test the response of customers. Different segments for different pages allowing clients to see different variables from different pages.


Personalization & Merchandising  


Category Merchandising and Search:

Nosto empowers clients to establish distinct categories for individual customers, thereby customizing their shopping experiences. By means of personalization, the system can present products that match customers’ preferences or interests. Drawing from the wide range of products accessible in the store. This enables clients to enhance their product sales, expedite inventory turnover, and reduce the occurrence of stagnant products.

Clients can create promotions for new products or seasonal products. Allowing the customer to see it in the most prominent space which can give new products limelight allowing the sale to go up. Clients can also create pushup advertising. To be given for targeted customers allowing them to see products that they are likely to buy. Its search function allows customers to search the needed product from the store product catalog. 


Mobile App Personalization:  

Nosto offers a mobile API that empowers clients to develop their own personalized brand mobile API. This tool can be harnessed by clients to boost both their revenue and customer engagement. Clients can push their mobile api to their repeat customers allowing them to incense their mobile api installation. Clients can personalize their mobile api to increase its presence in front of customers which will lead to growth of the brand.



  1. It provides great flexibility for changing features and other promotions.


  1. It has a large feature which can take some time for a new person to learn.



It is a wonderful software for retailers to sell their product online. It facilitates extensive personalization on online stores, creating tailored experiences for customers. This capability enables the presentation of targeted products, resulting in heightened brand awareness and increased store revenue.




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