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Renderforest is an online video and animation creation platform that allows users to produce professional-looking videos and animations. It provides features like user-friendly interface and a powerful video editor to make video creation simple and accessible for everyone. Its key features are: –

  1. It offers a wide range of templates, assets, and effects to create animated videos
  2. Drag and Drop interface
  3. Cloud rendering for quick and seamless video production
  4. Access to high-quality audio tracks and custom branding
  5. Supports multiple video resolutions


Graphic design software Renderforest founded by Narek Safaryan on 2012 in Yerevan, Armenia. World-leading companies such as Meta, Booking.com, and Hoot-suite are using Renderforest for designing logos, mock-ups, videos, websites, and various documents.

Renderforest provides thousands of templates of Videos, Websites, Logos, Mock-ups, and various Documents for users to help them design their desired brand Logos, Promotional Videos, Websites, and other various images and animations. Users can select any templates provided by Renderforest to design their graphics and animation requirements which can help or select a whiteboard to start from scratch.


Videos Designing: 

Renderforest provides a large number of templates and stock videos which allows us to make videos required by us quickly, we can also upload the video we want to work on.

To start working on Renderforest, we can use G-mail ID to log into Renderforest and use the free version to check the features if they are needed by us. After logging into Renderforest, there is a user profile icon in the upper right corner, which, when unfolded, offers various functions for creating videos, logos, etc.


Renderforest - my projects


By selecting videos we will be sent to the My project page where you can select old videos if you have made any or select new to start making new videos as required by us. It will lead to a collection of templates from which we can select the type of video we want to make which will lead us to a new page where we can either choose to select templates or select the blank page template to make a new video. If we select the blank page it will lead us to select different types of scenes to make or select a stock video.  

We can upload the video we want to edit or select some from the database to make our video. Edit the project to our requirements and add the background music we want to this video, after everything is done we can select to make its preview.

When we select to make a preview video will be processed by Renderforest, after it is completed it will send us a notification for a video completion and it will be available in the My Project folder allowing us to play, edit or download this video.     


Renderforest - 3d explainer video toolkit



Renderforest - my projects


Website Designing:

Renderforest provides a large number of templates for processing to help build websites according to our requirements and we can also upload data from other places to make sure that website is complete with our requirements. Renderforest provides hosting services for the website making us complete all preparation for making the website, Renderforest provides security services for websites made by us. We can invite other people to participate in the project by giving links.

Renderforest allows us to make a website with many pages with different properties, from setting cookies can be added when and how we need them. It provides many components like Paypal, and WhatsUp to add to the websites. 


Renderforest - smoke & fusion



Renderforest is not only a video animation creation software. But also allows users to buy a domain for the website that they want to create. Its website building in-built function allows users to create a website smoothly. In Renderforest clients can easily create and build their website using its various features.


Domain Buying details


It also provides clients with the option to hide their personal information from the public Whois directory. Which can be a boon for some users that don’t want to have extra trouble. Renderforest provides users with a standard single-year lease agreement which has its own pros and cons. A single-year lease agreement can be useful for people that want to try hosting their own website. But it will be a restriction for those that can make the website active allowing for monetization of the website. When a website can earn money and is profitable then its cost price may increase when it’s time to renew next year.


Logos Designing:

For any band, the logo is important as it represents the brand and the company itself. Every company, may it be small or big companies require a logo for themself. Renderforest provides user with a large number of templates of different types of logos. User can select one to make the same design for our logo with some changes. Or if we should create a new logo for ourselves. To create a logo we have to first open My projects and then select Logos. If we have created a logo before we can use it as a base to create another. If not we can start to create a new logo from scratch.   

It will ask us to choose which type of logo we want to make and a company name. After selecting these we will be sent to a new work page. Where we can select the logo we want to make and edit it to our preference.


Renderforest - hilogical image



We can select if we want a logo to be graphical or in text format. Clients can also see how your logo will look when printed on an envelope, letterhead, t-shirt, and many other things. We will select these and proceed to a new work page where we can choose the logo we want to create and customize it according to our preference



  1. It has a large variety of templates to choose from.
  2. It is very easy to create explanatory videos.
  3. It provides creators with all the services that they need to create and host their creation.


  1. It has a limit of one rendering at a time.
  2. We cannot change skin and hair color for animation without making new ones.
  3. Domain are purchased for one year at a time.



It is a good branding platform providing users with all the things they need to promote their website. Renderforest can help Brands make websites, videos, animation, etc that are wanted by brands. Content created can be used for promotional effects on social media sites or any other ads on the internet. Renderforest provides complete services to clients from creation to hosting.



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