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Storyblock is a cloud based headless content management system with visual editor that helps clients manage, modify and share their files. Its Feature:

  • Build anything Publish everywhere
  • Create delightful customer experiences
  • Boost productivity 
  • streamline workflows
  • Customization


Storyblok is a Content Management System that can be used by clients to create, manage and share their content. Clients can employ this cloud-based system to enhance content management, accessing their content from any location with internet connectivity. Storyblok, founded in 2017 by Alexander Feiglstorfer and Dominik Angerer in Linz, Oberosterreich, Austria, has facilitated this platform. It is used by companies like Adidas, Netflix, Marc O’Polo, Decathlon, Happy Socks, Deliveroo, Panini, Pizza Hut, etc.


Visual Editor:

Storyblok visual editor allows client content creators to have the ability to create, edit, collaborate, and publish their work. It comes with a composable content box allowing creators to create content faster with various tools. For creators, it is easy to complete their work with a visual editor to create, edit, and publish their work live to customers with the visual editor. Its custom workflow option allows creators to use its draft and template to better and quickly publish their work or create a custom workflow that can help them better get their work done.


Various content creators can collaborate in a visual editor allowing them to create and publish content faster with discussions, comments, and custom workflows. Storyblok visual editor can allow content creators to have complete control over their created content. Creators can set publishing links and time for the content they want to publish from the visual editor allowing them to have better control over their creations. It will also remind creators about their content licenses making their content protected from unwanted use.


Digital Asset Manager:

Content creators can utilize the Storyblok Digital Asset Manager to store the files they have generated, enabling streamlined data management in a centralized manner. Clients possess the ability to establish diverse metadata, which can be associated with various files. Creators can leverage this metadata to locate specific files within their digital assets. By employing filters, they can establish distinct tiers that facilitate effortless file retrieval within their Digital Assets.

Content creators can increase the speed at which their projects can go to the public by using digital assets to optimize, transform, and cache images with Storyblok image services and its content delivery system. Clients can add different user’s permission to different team members allowing them to have fixed permission on what they could do and not do. It increases content security and not only the work of doing things can be better as every user has its own responsibility. Client team members can actively collaborate to expedite the pace at which tasks are completed. This collaboration between clients, their partners, and collaborators provides insights into each phase, streamlining the project approval process. This seamless involvement spans from project initiation to completion, equipping content creators with the necessary feedback and ideas to bring the project to fruition.


Omnichannel Publishing:

Creators have the ability to employ Storyblok for direct content publication across their chosen platforms using the Storyblok Omni-Channel Publishing feature. This streamlined approach empowers them to accomplish their tasks seamlessly from a unified dashboard. Irrespective of language barriers, clients can publish their content in any country. Storyblok facilitates this by providing content translation services, enhancing the overall publishing experience for clients. Business can publish their content for any device like web pages,  mobile phones, tablets, or VR.



Clients can utilize Omni-Channel Publishing to enhance the reach of their content across desired channels. This functionality enables them to manage their content from a unified dashboard, facilitating personalized adaptations for different channels. This approach caters to the unique requirements of each channel and provides customers with a more personalized experience. It allows higher retention of customers as it allows clients to give unique customer experiences for each market and audience segment.


Headless Architecture:

Clients can utilize Storyblok’s headless architecture, a Content Management System, to convert inflexible web templates into dynamic forms. Then, clients can integrate and publish these forms across a range of digital platforms. It offers intelligent APIs which creators can leverage to incorporate different applications, thus enhancing the performance and efficiency of their work. It furnishes clients with an enterprise-grade, ISO-certified security protocol. Alleviating concerns about data security and providing them with enhanced protection for their data.


Composable Components:

Storyblok has a composable components feature. It empowers clients to craft digital modules that have the potential to fulfill any creative vision they may have. With its built-in visual editor, clients can design any type of component that they want to use. Storyblok visual editor comes with a very intuitive user interface that is easy to use. Clients can utilize these modules to expedite and simplify the creation of intricate galleries with ease.

Clients can use the component library available in the visual editor to collect various modules. Visual editors can organize various components in different folders according to their use. And give different persimmon levels to different people allowing clients to better manage these modules. Clients can also access the usage history of various composable components giving better management to clients.

Clients can personalize composable components they have created according to their requirements whenever necessary. Businesses can customize the creation of different content by using various components according to their requirements. Clients can create various content that they required using their composable components. Using fixed content allows SEO work to be better and keeps compatibility with the other parts of the content.



  1. It is user friendly and creators can easily update the content they need to update.


  1. It does not have an undo function that can be a problem for content creators who have made a mistake and want to change things.



Content creators can use this cloud-based content management system to effortlessly create, edit, and distribute the content they have generated across different publishing channels. Clients can utilize this cloud-based system from anywhere, given its accessibility, to effectively manage their content. Few team members from different places can also collaborate with each other to create content and share them with various sites for publishing.




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