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It is a language translation software that can be used by clients to translate data,  websites and any other thing they want to translate into a different language. Its features:

  •  Direct Text Translation
  • Computer-Assisted Translation
  • Built-in Translation Memory
  • Auto-Detect Language
  • Neural Machine Translation


Unbabel is an artificial intelligence-powered human translation platform. It combines neural machine translation with machine learning which can be used to create better opportunities for Unbabel. Unbabel was founded in 2014 by Vasco Pedro, João Graça, Sofia Pessanha, Bruno Silva, and Hugo Silva in Lisbon, Portugal. It is trusted by companies like FedEx, Microsoft, eBay, Adidas, Udemy, Patagonia, Shopify, etc.


Customer Service:

Unbabel language solutions can be used by clients to make their customers services multilingual. Customers services can use Unbabel to translate inbound messages from customers into the language that he can understand. Then answer the question in its own language which will be translated by Unbabel into the language used by the customer giving the customer the illusion the he is talking to someone who understands its own language. Unbabel provides real-time translation between customers and customer services allowing them to better serve their customers, it bridges the gap between talent and language barrier allowing clients to hire people based on talent not on language giving the customers better experiences. 

Unbabel also provides support for Emails allowing clients customer services to use multilingual support provided by Unbabel to give their customers better services. Clients can use Unbabel services to modify their FAQs to allow customers to read it in their languages. Unbabel uses machine translation customized for customer services support, with the addition of human resources to provide best translation services to its clients. It decreases the cost of clients and streamline operation by allowing all of the clients agents to give customer support in 130 languages and clients can hire agents based on ability not on languages. 



Localization is an important factor for any company who wants to go out of their home country to the road of international companies. Unbabel provides clients help to get them to convert their websites and other content into local language. Allowing them to have a better impression on the local customers. Unbabel can provide customers with a large amount of translated data due to its machine translated function allowing them to reduce launch time and cost. After translating the content with machine translation, Unbabel asks its translator to review, adapt and refine the content to be more in line with local conditions. 

Unbabel provides different types of translation service to allow clients to choose them for the one they want. Clients can rest assured about their goals, that Unbabel provides clients with full services to help clients to increase their market to broader level while at the same time spreading brand awareness about clients’ brand. Unbabel enables clients to establish an automated workflow for their websites, automating the translation of data. With the assistance of a machine translation function, the system automatically delivers this data to the designated individuals. This enhancement greatly increases the efficiency of tasks that client teams perform.


Marketing Solution:

Companies aiming to expand into multinational entities must take into account that they need to utilize marketing data in local languages. This ensures that customers comprehend the marketing messages conveyed by the companies. Unbabel can provide clients with faster, reliable and scalable multilingual translations. For every webpage, product description, press release, email, social media, and any other place that clients can think of using it. 

With Unbabel clients can ensure that their website is multilingual SEO compatible with digital marketing services. Clients can set a website to translate itself according to any IP address and have long-term solutions for streamline iteration and update.   

 Clients can also translate software or apps that they use into different languages according to their understanding. Unbabel use machine translated works to translate any data. Then it is transferred to native translator which proofread the content to match the native language to deliver native brand experiences to customers. It provides clients translated content faster than normally allowing them to push content to market faster than before. With smart content translation of Unbabel clients can focus more on marketing than worry about the language of customers.


Types Of Translation:

Real-time translation provides customers with fast speed translation supported by Unbabel machine translation algorithms. That provides clients with instant translation allowing them to communicate with customers even when both don’t understand each other’s language. It is very popular in travel industry, gaming industry and business as people can communicate with other in different languages. Common users generally prefer and widely use this type of translation service.

Hybrid Translation maintains both speed and quality by incorporating a layer of human translators. The Unbabel integrated quality checker assesses the content obtained from machine translation to determine its quality. If the content obtains a low score, the system conducts a human review to remove any flawed content.

Machine translation performs Specialist Translation, and human specialists are engaged to verify and double proofread the content. This guarantees alignment with the brand, industry terminology, and the achievement of the highest quality standards.



  1. It provides fast translation services.
  2. It can maintain original document used to translate.
  3. The easy user interface enables users to work on it effortlessly.
  4. Unbabel can provide fast customers services to their users.


  1. The system displays additional unsubscribed options, potentially slowing down the process and creating confusion.
  2. Brands need to be careful in which package to select as it may effect their work if they select wrong one.
  3. Can’t give 100% trust in translation as sometime wrong translation can also come.
  4. Integration of some software is not available which can cause some trouble to clients.



Clients use Unbabel, a language translation software, to translate data, websites, and any other content they wish into a different language. This enables readers in their native language to comprehend the content, even if they are unfamiliar with certain languages. Any business aiming to engage customers in a language distinct from their own can make use of Unbabel. Unbabel provides good customers services to their users which is plus point in any software doing translation services.



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