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Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs provides clients with ways to store and manage their files. Client team members are allowed to collaborate with each other to increase productivity and efficiency. It features are:

  • Simultaneously Editing
  • User and Role Management
  • Device Management
  • Change Tracking / Audit Logs
  • File Type Support


Zoho Docs is a Software-as-a-Services Content Management software provided by Zoho corporation that can be used by clients to manage and store their files which can be viewed and accessed from anywhere with any devices that support the internet. Zoho is a Content Management System was founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu, Tony G. Thomas and Sreenivas Kanumuru in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is used by companies like Group Lotus plc, AMSI Tech India, Meta Platforms, Inc, etc.


Team Folder:

Clients use the Team Folder provided by Zoho Docs to aggregate data from various sources into a single software. This enables team members to collaborate within the same workspace. Clients can keep all the files in the same dashboard with different team folders for different projects and departments. Different folders can be assigned to various teams for storing their data, and sub-folders can be created within each folder to allow the formation of multiple folders as needed by the teams. Clients can receive updates about the work of different teams and departments directly from their folders.



Zoho Docs provides clients with the option to set different levels of administration allowing them to give their team members different permission to manage their team folders with more authority. Admins have better controls of their folder and can decide who will join and what they can do in the team folder. Admins can choose if to make a folder public or private allowing others to view or download the files, they can also restrict the viewing and downloading or sharing of files. Zoho Docs keeps audit trials of each team member allowing the admin to know who has viewed, shared, or worked on the particular file and can also restore deleted files from Admin consoles. 


Zoho Office Suite:

Clients are provided with Zoho Writers. Which can be used to collaborate with their team members in creating, editing, reviewing, and publishing documents. Zoho Docs includes a track changes option that permits the admin to monitor content authored by various team members. Admin can individually accept or reject those changes. Team members can directly send prospects to their customers, enabling them to review the contract and digitally sign it using integrations like Zoho Sign, SignEasy, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. Team members can directly upload their work in zoho to a website or blog.



Zoho Docs has the capability to integrate data from other Zoho apps into Zia. Team members can utilize this feature to create customized charts and pivot tables based on the data provided by the team. Moreover, it assists clients in identifying data inconsistencies, duplicates, or missing values. Team members can share their worksheet with others allowing them to collaborate with each other to make the worksheet better. Clients can embed the content on the website allowing them to have better control over their data. Team members can utilize Zoho Show to create and display presentations, even if they are not present. This enables other team members to provide comments on specific parts of the presentation, facilitating improved collaboration. Furthermore, you can embed the presentation on a website and make modifications if necessary, all without causing disruptions to the website.



Smart Searches:

Zoho Docs allow team members to store a large number of files into their team folder allowing them to have all the files they need for their work in their team folder. But massive files make finding the required file a problem for this, it comes with a smart search function. Team members can utilize the smart search function to apply advanced filters. Enabling them to specify upload time, file type, file location, and conduct searches based on file name and image content. If team members forget the file name, they can employ the author’s name or keywords from the file to locate it.

Zoho docs use Optical Character Recognition technology to find the text from images giving team members better search ability. It additionally features a built-in object detection algorithm that team members can employ on images to locate the object they are searching for within the image.


Admin Console:

Clients can use Zoho Docs to invite team members to join the work drive by sending them email invitation links. Clients can give different levels of permission to different team members which improve security and productivity of the whole team. Team members can utilize team folders created by the team admin for their projects. Clients can decide who can create team folders, share content externally or download the file on their devices. Clients also have the authority to determine who can access the Zoho mobile app or desktop app. Team members can then utilize Zoho mobile apps to log in to their team folders. Enabling them to perform work tasks and access their files using internet-enabled mobile devices.



Businesses can directly transfer the files of departing or departed employees to other employees, enabling seamless continuation of work. Admin can add members, edit privacy settings, view team members activity and recover files before the 3 months recovery period. Clients can choose who is allowed to send files internally or externally. They can add an extra layer of security to their accounts by configuring password policies, activating two-factor authentication, and imposing restrictions on unwanted IP addresses.



  1. It is cloud based that allows users to access their documents from anywhere with the internet.
  2. It has a simple user interface.


  1. It is not as rich as google docs and Microsoft office in features.
  2. Limited amount of customization is available.



Zoho Docs is a part of a large office suite by Zoho that provides clients with ways to create, store and collaborate on files of various formats. Team members can collaborate with each other on Zoho Docs allowing them to increase productivity and efficiency. It is very useful and cost effective for small and medium enterprises.



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