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Zoom is a call and video management platform that provides its users with various services using Voice over Internet Protocol. Its features are:-

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Online Whiteboard
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Workforce Engagement Management
  • Virtual Working Spaces


Zoom is a collaboration tool provides Meetings, Webinars, Recording, and sharing of screens. It helps businesses by providing secure network services to meetings of zoom users allowing businesses to have a secure, stable environment. It provides integration for other apps.

Zoom was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan with its headquarters in San Jose, California. It launched its first beta on August 21, 2012, which can have a maximum of 15 video participants. The first version was launched on January 25, 2013, with a maximum of 25 video participants. 

Zoom Phones provide enterprises with VoIP functions which helps increase business connectivity.

It has Zoom Space is a kind of meeting space that can have many rooms with rules that are generally not changed until required, which helps people remember the working function of different rooms for different functions.


Zoom Meeting: 




Zoom meetings, the fundamental feature of Zoom, enable us to conduct online meetings with colleagues. This is achievable not just from homes and offices, but also from any location with internet access, using laptops or mobile phones to both create and join meetings. Zoom enables the creation of a secure meeting room from any location, permitting anyone to join meetings through any web browser using a simple link.

To create a meeting we need to go to the homepage of the zoom software installed and select the camera icon with an orange background. It will open a meeting window for us to start the meeting. This window will have Audio, Video, Security, Participant, Share Screen, 

Reaction, Apps, Whiteboard, and more options at the bottom of the panel.




To invite participants to a zoom meeting we can use the participant function at the bottom of the panel. Audio input can be selected by Audio from the bottom of the panel. Zoom allows us to send various reactions in the form of emojis from the reaction option and the whiteboards can be used as needed.

You can schedule meetings by clicking the Schedule button on the homepage. This action will direct you to the scheduled meeting window, where you can choose the Name, Date, Time, and various other settings to create a meeting schedule with anyone.

If we want to make a daily meeting at the same time then we can select the Recurring Meeting option which will help us to make recurring meetings.


Zoom Phone:




Zoom Phone provides VoIP services which allow us to make unlimited local and international calls. It provides us with virtual numbers from which we can make any calls through the internet not affecting the audio quality of calls. It provides toll-free numbers on which we can receive calls without charges to customers, it increases business connectivity for enterprises. 

To manage the zoom phone system we need to open a zoom account, then get to the Phone System Management setup. Here we need to add the region/country, extension number, complete address, and add emergency contact and address. After completion of setup, we will email notification on our email along with links to more functions.



Zoom Space:

It is a product of hardware and software which allows enterprises to create their meeting rooms, board rooms, and other places into a digitalized meeting room, where the participant can enter a zoom meeting or create a zoom meeting in a personalized manner. In this meeting room, people can participate from any place with zoom software.




In the zoom room participants can make new meetings or join existing meetings. We can also share content on this platform with others as required. We also make a call to others through a zoom phone.   

Administrators can check any zoom room whether it is in use or not. They will receive a notification when there is a problem with zoom. 



  1. It is user-friendly to all ages and people with low to high technical levels.
  2. Zoom has high flexibility in usage.


  1. The Limited number of people can enter the zoom room at a time.          
  2. Using Zoom demands a substantial amount of bandwidth.



It serves as a valuable app for enterprises of all sizes and individuals alike. It offer a diverse array of functions that enterprises can leverage to enhance workplace productivity and accessibility. For individuals, it provides free zoom meeting services.



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