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Best Video Conferencing

What are Video Conferencing Platforms?

Video Conferencing Software is a digital platform that facilitates online communication of video meetings, audio meetings, and seminars. They come with built- in features like chat, screen sharing, taking notes, highlighting records, recording of meetings, mute voice, etc. Video conferencing software allows clients team members or other partners and collaborators to attend meetings from anywhere with internet connections.

How to compare differences between different Video Conferencing Platforms?

“Presentations”, “Participant Permissions”, and “Whiteboarding” are the top factors that impact the users satisfaction for various video conferencing platforms. They can be used to compare various Video Conferencing Platforms.


8.7 out of 10 on average

Participant Permissions

8.5 out of 10 on average


8.4 out of 10 on average
  • Zoom

    Zoom is a call and video management platform that provides its users with various services using Voice over Internet Protocol. Its features are:-
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Online Whiteboard
    • Appointment Scheduler
    • Workforce Engagement Management
    • Virtual Working Spaces
  • Proappslab


    Skype is a telecommunications software that uses Voice over Internet Protocol to provide various communication services to its users. Its features are:-
    • Audio and HD video calling
    • Call recording and Live subtitles
    • Screen sharing
    • Smart messaging
    • Reach those who aren't on Skype

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What are the benefits of video conferencing?

Various benefits of video conferencing:-

  • Improves communication.
  • Helps build relationships.
  • Saves money.
  • Saves time.
  • Streamlines collaboration.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Makes scheduling meetings easier.

What does conferencing explain?

Conferencing is a conduct of real-time or virtual meeting where two or more people participate from various locations through the conferencing bridge like various video conferencing platform.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing?

Advantages video conferencing are:-

  • Save money and time. 
  • Increased productivity and collaboration.
  • File and screen-sharing.
  • Happier employees.

Disadvantages of video conferencing:-

  • Lack of face-to-face contact. 
  • Network issues.
  • Time zones.
  • Initial investment.

What are the features of a successful conference?

  • Interactive activities.
  • Suitable venue.
  • No major technical issues.
  • Good food.